The Secret Caribbean

When it comes to the Caribbean, ever feel like you've been there, done that? For those intrepid travelers willing to venture beyond the glitzy casinos and cruise ports, the region holds a surprising wealth of authentic and diverse island treasures – if you know where to look. Here are six less-traveled Caribbean islands to add to your bucket list.

San Andrés, Colombia Situated 480 miles northwest of mainland Colombia, San Andrés is part of the country's Caribbean archipelago that also includes Providence and Santa Catalina islands, as well as several smaller islets and cays. The largest of the islands in this chain, San Andrés is also the hub of tourism in the area, accessible by charter flight or by ship – though commercial ferries do not currently operate to the archipelago. Snorkeling and diving are big draws here, with high visibility and an array of reefs and wrecks to explore, so come armed with mask and fins. Return to Main Page | Thinkstock
Guadeloupe An overseas region of France, Guadeloupe is a Monarch-shaped island comprised of two land masses – Grande-Terre on the east and Basse-Terre on the west – split by the Riviere Sale. Work up an appetite on the island's western side, home to the Parc Nationale de la Guadeloupe, a 74,000-acre rainforest that's perfect for hikers and nature lovers. Then head to the eastern side at sundown, as Grand-Terre caters to the foodie set with a feast of Creole-influenced dining options. Return to Main Page | Thinkstock
Margarita Island, Venezuela Venezuela's Margarita Island won't qualify as a "secret" Caribbean destination for much longer, as tourism on the isle continues to grow year after year. The island's 106-odd miles of shoreline provide 50 sandy coves perfect for beach lovers, and cities such as Porlamar and La Asunción, the capital, offer an array of dining and nightlife venues with a South American flair. Just 25 miles offshore of mainland Venezuela, Margarita Island is easily accessible by air or ferry. ****Return to Main Page**** | Thinkstock
Montserrat A short puddle-jumper flight from Antigua or St. Martin, the volcanic island of Montserrat feels a world apart from the bustling Caribbean hubs nearby. You won't find any cruise ports or mega all-inclusive resorts on this volcanic isle – home to fewer than 5,000 permanent residents; Instead, the mighty Soufrière volcano is its top attraction, luring nature-lovers, adventure-seekers, and many of the scientific community's top volcanologists. Plan your stay at one of the island's hillside villas for dramatic views of the active volcano right from your terrace. Return to Main Page | Reagan Johnson
Los Roques, Venezuela Rougly 80 miles north of Caracas, Venezuela, the Los Roques archipelago is comprised of roughly 350 islets and cays that have been protected under the Los Roques National Park since 1972. Fishing in the biodiverse marine park is highly regulated, but the region still draws a steady stream of Caribbean snorkelers and divers each year with its well preserved coral reef system. The atoll is also a favorite among sailors and water sports enthusiasts, who find shelter at night on Los Roques' only town, remote Gran Roque. Return to Main Page | Thinkstock