Never Lose Your Way With The Best Camping Lanterns

Keep the night safe with these camping lanterns.

One of the big changes when you head out of doors for the camp site is the lack of light when the sun falls. Fortunately, modern technology means we're not stuck with torches and bonfires, but clean, safe, electric light when finding the bathroom. Here's what to look for in a great lantern.

Wsky Rechargeable Camping Lantern Flashlight
Setting up camp for the night or exploring the jungle, one gadget will do the trick. | Wsky

To save space, the best lantern serves as both lantern and flashlight, either in separate modes or by clicking a cover over the lantern.

Eveready 360 LED Camping Lantern, Super Bright
When setting up your own large camping space, use multiple lanterns to establish boundaries. | Eveready

Look for handy features like a magnetic base and anchor points for hanging that will help you keep your hands free when dealing with tents and other situations.

LE LED Camping Lantern, Battery Powered LED with 1000LM
When camping, we accept the possibility of bad weather, so we need the accessories that will hold up. | Lighting EVER

Ruggedness is also key: Lanterns should be water resistant or waterproof, and any removable parts should be tightly sealed.

FengChi LED Camping Lantern
Having a lantern that attaches to your gear will leave both hands free. | FengChi

Not near an outlet for a while? Then look at battery powered lanterns, especially if you'll only be outside for a day or two.

LuminAID PackLite 2-in-1 Phone Charger Lanterns
A lantern that also charges your devices is a keeper. | LuminAID

If you're packing light, the LEDs and batteries are small enough that a good folding lamp should be on your list.