Best Spicy Chili Sauces Of 2022

Turn up the heat with these tongue-tingling condiments

Not just delicious, the spices in these spicy chili sauces are good for you, too, full of antioxidants, inflammatory properties, bioflavonoids, and a host of other healthful benefits. Don't settle for that same bottle of red hot sauce you've been using for years. Elevate your experience and give your tastebuds a treat by trying a few of our favorite spicy chili sauces.

FLY BY JING Sichuan Chili Crisp 6oz, Deliciously Savory Umami Spicy Tingly Crispy Gourmet All Natural Vegan Gluten Free Hot Chili Oil Sauce with Sichuan Pepper, Good on Everything
Thank the garlic, ginger, and mushroom for providing an unforgettable edge here. | FLY BY JING

Like nothing else you've tried, this hot chili oil sauce is rich in crunch spicy Sichuan peppers and peppercorns. Different than your traditional chili oil, the rich flavor of this chili sauce puts a little new on your noodles. From the mountainous Sichuan region in central China, this area is known for its pungent, spicy food, also called Szechuan. It's home to the famous Sichuan pepper. The dried red hot chili pepper gives the sauce its underlying notes, but this sauce is unique and rich. The prized Tribute peppercorns give a quick crisp spice, but it's the garlic, ginger, and mushroom that are the stars of the sauce. It's all natural as well as gluten-free and sugar-free.

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Lao Gan Ma Spicy Chili Crisp Hot Sauce Family/Restaurant Size 24.69 Oz. (700 g.)
About as spicy as Louisiana-style sauces, it has a heat that is mellowed by the sweetness of onions. | Lao Gan Ma

With over a pound and a half of hot chili sauce, you can spice up months of meals. Bland and boring dinners will be a thing of the past with this spicy chili sauce. Looking to add some zip to your next stir fry or make your pho phenomenal? This crisp Chinese hot sauce comes in a happy family, restaurant-sized jar. Go on and make those chicken tenders sumptuous in this zesty hot sauce. Comes in one large, about one-and-a-half pound jar.

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Mae Ploy Sweet Chili Sauce 32OZ (Pack of 2)
From fried chicken to fried dumplings to crab and seafood rolls, everyone in the family will be reaching for this condiment. | Mae Ploy

A mild heat balanced by sweetness is great for dipping Thai corn fritters (Tod Mun) or fried fish cakes. This sauce should come with a warning label because it is seriously addicting. Mildly spicy but oh-so-flavorful, this sweet, salty, chili sauce just might be your new favorite dining companion. This sensational combination of flavors will elevate your sweet potato fries to a new level. They sell this sweet Thai chili sauce in a package of two 32-ounce bottles just because it's so flavorful.

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Bibigo, Sauce Gochujang Sauce Hot & Sweet, 11.5 Oz
With the pungent pickled veggie taste, the sweet brown sugar, and the hot peppers, it is Korea's favorite condiment. | Bibigo

So unique and piquant, it's not enough to just dip your food in it. Use it as a glaze for your protein and veggies, too. Do not let the teens know this is in your fridge. A combination of hot sauce and barbecue sauce, Gochujang is the 'it' sauce right now. It's easy to taste why. It hits all the notes you want in your meal. It's versatile and vegan (but not gluten-free as there is some soy sauce in there). Put some on your mac and cheese, or try dipping your chicken, pork, or burgers in it.

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