Best Minimalist Backpacks for Laptops and Business Essentials

Carry what matters most and stretch your legs out for the whole trip.

When you have very little to carry, don’t bother with a large backpack.Shutterstock

Sleek, minimalist looks are the kinds of outfits that contemporary fashion seems to be trending toward, if not already embracing. Now, even when you’re commuting to work, you can carry your work essentials without compromising your look. Let us help you find the best minimalist laptop bag.

Small but Safe

If you don’t plan on getting your gear out, keep the backpack secure with TSA-friendly locks.Amazon

With laptop bags, the idea is to keep its contents safe, not just from the environment but from accidents and potential thieves, as well. Finding a laptop bag that has security built into its zippers would be ideal.

Stand Up to the Elements

A slim backpack doesn’t mean it won’t protect your electronics. If anything, it’ll be designed to better focus on that.Amazon

Ideally, your laptop bag should do everything it can to protect your laptop while keeping you comfortable. In addition to protecting your laptop from external sources, it also needs to protect the laptop from the bag itself. It’s imperative that the laptop bag provides enough space for the laptop to breathe and not get squished, so make sure you buy the bag right for your laptop.

For Work or Play

A durable, comfortable backpack is all you can ask for.Amazon

You never know when you’ll be caught in the middle of a rainstorm, or perhaps dust is blown into the air by a gust of wind. The last thing you want to happen is for any environmental forces to damage your laptop filled with all your files and memories.