The Best Tablets That Don't Require A Carry-On Bag

Devices that fit in the palm of your hand also fit conveniently in your jacket pockets.

The cumbersome nature of a backpack or a carry-on can make it difficult to gain access to your laptop or full-sized tablet, especially if you're in the middle seat. Thankfully, there are tablets that let you enjoy your media in a compact way. Let us help you find the next small-sized tablet before you go on your next trip.

Fire 7 Tablet (7
You need a device that can play a movie or two on long flights without needing to be plugged in. | Amazon

Tablets are great for a variety of reasons, but their main benefit is their ability to carry all your media in one place. Whether you prefer reading, watching movies or even playing games, having a ready-to-go tablet at the ready is key to making long flights just a little shorter.

Apple iPad mini (Wi-Fi, 64GB) - Silver (Latest Model)
Work to do? Emails to answer? You'll be surprised at what you can accomplish on a small tablet. | Amazon

Long-lasting batteries are important for these tablets. Yes, they'll have all your media, but what good's a tablet that lasts only two hours out of a seven-hour flight? Make sure you fully charge your tablet before heading out on your next trip so you can keep entertained both in the airport and in the airplane.

Dragon Touch 7 inch Tablet, Android 9.0 Pie, Quad-Core Processor, 2GB RAM 16GB Storage, 7 inch IPS HD Display, Dual Camera, Wi-Fi Only, Black
Take random pictures whenever you feel like it with not one, but two cameras on one tablet. | Amazon

One of the nice but sometimes-overlooked bonuses of tablets is their ability to take pictures. Sure, they're certainly not as nice as a real camera or even your phone's, but it's nice to be able to have the ability to take impromptu pictures of friends or family or even the classic photo out the window.