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Essential Golf Tech For Your Home Course Or 18 Holes On Vacation

Work on your swing and up your game, all while enjoying new scenery.

Part of the appeal of golf is that you can always get better. But getting better without a pro on the course means you need a little help from golf tech. Whether you're sticking to your home courses or hitting a new one on vacation, here's the tech you need.

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Develop your sense of distance, and the power of your swing, with a laser rangefinder. Knowing precisely how far it is from tee to pin, and checking each time you take a shot, will give you useful data on your swing: How far you can go in different conditions, for example, and over time, you can get a sense of your overall trends where you improving in terms of distance.

digital caddie
The ability to analyze your game as you play is an amazing tool. | Amazon

Wire up your clubs to track your results. On-club sensors will track plenty of useful data on your swing, without interfering with your game, and will help you determine the overall trend of your game and where you can improve. If you need some help with your short game, for example, or always slice it with a specific club, you can figure out where you're going wrong much easier and get back on the course.

garmin watch
Knowing the ins and outs of a new course is half the battle. | Amazon

Strap on a golf watch. In addition to being another data point on your swings and putts, it also gives you a handy, portable collection of stats to compare yourself against as you play. It's particularly useful on your favorite course, as you can track the wind, humidity, and other conditions over time and compare how you did on each hole.