The Best Board Shorts for Men

Board shorts are the perfect gear for a vacation adventure.

A good pair of board shorts can be used for a variety of adventures on any beach vacation.Shutterstock

A vacation is all about comfort and relaxation, with perhaps a dash of adventure. The last thing you want to do is hit the beach in khakis. Fortunately, board shorts offer an all-weather option for lounging, exploring, and enjoying. Here’s how to pick the right set for you.

Classic Style

This pair offers a hook-and-loop flap cargo pocket with key loop and drainage eyelet detail—perfect for an added layer of storage.O’Neill

Start with the material. Board shorts are generally polyester, since it can take the kind of beating the ocean dishes out. This pair from O’Neill features ultrasuede fabric that is soft and easy to move in. It also comes with Hyperdry DWR (durable water repellent) finish to provide a quick-dry performance once you’re out of the water. However, there’s a wide variety of finishes and styles you can get from the disco era’s favorite textile, from ultrasuede to twill, so pick one you most want against your skin.

Form Fitting

Made with recycled fibers, this stretchy pair is also water resistant.Volcom

Pick a closure you like, since you’re not wearing a belt. Drawstrings are the classic closure for board shorts, but you can find them with velcro, buttons, and others. If you’re going to be heading to dinner after that hike, or will be near the water and don’t want to worry about changing, the right closure will help you feel at home in both places.

Great Value

Looking for variety? This option is perfect for any fashion-forward guy.Quiksilver

Finally, don’t forget style and color. Style, of course, is all about comfort, but if you’re going to be heading out on an adventure, consider safety as well as comfort. Sure, a bright red pair of shorts may not turn heads in Paris, but they will catch the attention of somebody who’s looking for you. Being hard to miss is a good thing for fashion and safety both.