The Best Packing Cubes for Couples

Keep your luggage organized so the rest of your romantic getaway is a breeze.

Anyone who has ever dealt with messy or hard-to-close suitcases know the value of organization.Shutterstock

If you’re going on a quiet retreat, and keeping your baggage to a minimum, a good set of packing cubes, or two, are crucial to a great couple’s trip. Here’s what to look for when sorting yours and theirs.

Something for Everything

The last thing you should want is your dirty shoes touching your clothes.Veken

Packing cubes should be made of something tough, since they’ll spend a lot of time rattling around your bags.

Keep it Looking Nice

Your gear is strong and durable, so why wouldn’t you expect the same for what’s inside?JJ POWER

Since you’ll be getting a set of these, look for ones that have the lightest weight possible, since every ounce counts with luggage.

It’s All about Your Needs

Only going away for a night? No need to bring the whole kit.Eagle Creek

Waterproofing will be particularly useful if you’re packing toiletries or need to lug a swimsuit back from a secluded beach.

Time to Take the Leap

Staying tidy and organized isn’t easy. It takes some getting used to.Eagle Creek

If you’ll be hauling a lot of stuff, consider an easy-to-use compression folder to pack shirts or dresses with ease.