Three Car Seats That Are Surprisingly Compact And Very Effective

Keep the kids safe, no matter where you go.

Car seats are one of the best ways to ensure safety for kids on the road. But if you're going overseas, or have to travel light, you may not be able to bring your usual seat with you. Don't worry, though, there are car seats that are effective and compact enough to come with, no matter where you go.

It's okay to be concerned that a tiny device might not be as safe as the normal car seats, so make sure it is approved by all safety agencies. | Amazon

Remember that the goal of any car seat is to either realign the seat belt to young bodies or use the seat belt as part of an apparatus to protect kids. Seats that move the belt, so it touches the shoulder and goes across the lap as a three-point harness, are best for older kids generally big enough to sit in the seat with a little help.

foldable travel seat
Travel seats aren't limited by your child's size. Some even grow with kids. | Amazon

Generally, booster seats will come in back or backless designs. Both have their advantages, and a design with a back will be particularly ideal for cars with deeper seats, or if you're going to be traveling a lot with young kids and want a seat that grows with them. This will be especially important if you're renting cars a lot on vacation and aren't entirely sure what you'll be getting when you roll up to the counter.

portable seatbelt
The placement of the seatbelt is extremely important, so make sure the device was created with this in mind. | Amazon

In some cases, though, you might want to consider a wearable harness, similar to a rock-climbing harness. This is a vest that you thread the belts through to make it fit, generally using clips on the shoulders and thighs, and with straps across the chest and thighs to distribute force. When not in use, you can just fold it up like any other item of clothing. If you're going to be switching vehicles a lot, this will likely be your best choice.