Travel Coolers that Keep Drinks Ice Cold

Keep your drinks and body frosty on hot, sunny days with these must-have coolers.

beach party
Every good road trip needs a great cooler.Shutterstock

When it comes to scorching-hot beach days, there’s nothing worse than expecting a soothing, chilly drink (be it a soda, a beer or even just water) only to be greeted and surprised by lukewarm or even hot liquid at the lips. These travel coolers know how to keep your drinks cool and your bodies cooler.


Chill Out, Friends

Coolers can be big and bulky. They don’t need to be, though.Amazon

Coolers aren’t hard to spot. They come in all different shapes and sizes, from boxy, hard-shell ones to pseudo tote bags. One of the important aspects is its ability to be transported. A visit to the beach could be as far as an hour away, and you don’t want to be cramped with your friends and family in a car, legs cramped between passengers and a cooler reminiscent of a cement block.

igloo cooler

Make It Last

Ideally, every cooler should be able to keep drinks cold for hours, maybe even overnight.Amazon

A cooler isn’t just appropriate at the beach, though. Head to the pool and stay ‘til sunset. There’s nothing like a cold brew in 75-degree weather under the glow of a sun going to sleep. You’re imagining it now, aren’t you?

spacious cooler

Keep Everyone Hydrated and Happy

A cooler is only as good as it is spacious.Amazon

What good is a cooler, though, if its capacity is that of a shopping bag from the grocery store? Then you’re forced to bring another cooler, and that only takes up more space and leaves you with more responsibility on a day where responsibilities are likely the least of your concerns. The right cooler will have optimal space while being easy-to-pack.