Tribit’s StormBox Micro Speaker is an Explorer’s Best Friend

Strap it to your handlebars for a ride on the jungle trails or clip it your backpack for a hike. Either way, it’s a hands-free must-have.

October 1, 2020
Tribit speaker
This speaker was built for hitting the trail, as it is durable, compact and 100 percent waterproof. Amazon

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me and my poor buying habits. That’s how I feel about the multiple silicon phone mounts that I’ve purchased in the last two years. What I needed was something that would hold my iPhone so I could pump my boss playlist of high-energy 80s and 90s jams as I ride laps around my neighborhood, but what I got was a flimsy glorified rubber band that eventually snapped. Twice. Shame, shame, shame.

And, so, my search for a quality, affordable and certainly durable handlebar speaker began. Despite still not having a Charles Xavier-like ability to sense the best products, I rely a lot on word of mouth and online reviews, which can sometimes still be problematic. But when the Tribit StormBox Micro showed up on my radar, I searched and searched for anything bad, but all I found were glowing reviews from people who were almost shocked at how well this speaker performs.

Add me to their ranks.


What Makes this Speaker So Special?

Bluetooth speaker
For bike rides alone, this Bluetooth speaker kicks out the jams and delivers the perfect fitness soundtrack. Tribit

At roughly 3-sq. in., this speaker does not look like it’s going to cause your neighbor Glenn to shout, “Turn down that racket!” But this speaker pops. Obviously, when you’re on a long bike ride, you don’t need huge sound drowning out the important noises, like cars or thunder. So, I’m not saying that you should pump up the volume and let the world hear Smash Mouth’s greatest hits, but it’s especially helpful for, say, riding with a group to a secluded beach for a picnic and afternoon of fun.

Basically, this is a portable party with a very pleasing 8-hour battery life, and if someone else in your group is also using the StormBox Micro, they can pair for ultimate sound. Best of all, the speaker is IP67 waterproof and dustproof, which, to us non-cyborgs, means that it’s dust-tight and can survive being dropped in water. That means, whether enjoying a bike tour of Antigua or exploring the jungles of Costa Rica, this speaker will withstand the elements and keep your favorite tunes playing throughout the entire journey.

What’s the Best Part?

Big sound is always important, with battery life right behind, but when it comes to being active and not worrying about having to constantly readjust the device so it doesn’t unexpectedly flip upside down or completely fall off, the strap is just as important as the performance.


This speaker comes with a very durable silicon strap that is built into the speaker on one side and clips into the other. I’ll be honest—that clip had me worried from the moment I removed the StormBox from its packaging. But the clip works, and it works well. I have pulled on it, stretched the band and even gave it to my son to do his worst, and it doesn’t come undone without simply unlatching it.

That might not sound like much to celebrate, but when you’ve had to stop your bike to turn back and pick up your iPhone—all the while praying that the screen isn’t shattered again—you’ll always appreciate the simple things.


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