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Waterproof Makeup That Can Handle Some Splishing And Splashing

Achieve flawless beachside looks with waterproof makeup that lasts all day long.

In this Instagram-ready world we live in, never get caught with streaky makeup in another vacation photo. Whether lounging poolside or participating in water sports like snorkeling or wakeboarding, these products will have your makeup looking like you just stepped right out of the pages of a magazine.


Give Your Eyelashes the Volume they Deserve

Get all-day lashes at the beach or anywhere else your travels take you, with a collagen-infused, volume-plumping, waterproof mascara—that delivers nine times the volume in just one coat. By choosing an ophthalmologist tested formula that's safe for contact lens wearers, you'll have peace of mind beyond the occasional splash.


Invisible Liquid Concealer

Achieve flawless skin on the go with a smoothing liquid waterproof concealer that provides full coverage while concealing skin imperfections such as uneven skin tones, blemishes, and under-the-eye circles. Your skin will stay smooth and comfortable with a hydrating liquid formula that won't crease, crack, or settle into lines—even in the sun.


Gentle Yet Effective Makeup Remover

Even the toughest waterproof makeup is no match for a gentle, yet powerful makeup remover formula that leaves your skin looking fresh and healthy, regardless of skin type. Perfect for removing mascara and long-lasting lipsticks, your skin will feel clean and refreshed but never dried out—no matter what your skin type.