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What You'll Need For The Perfect Beach Picnic

Bring the right gear for your sandy snack.

Anybody who's had to brush sand off a sandwich knows that beach picnics can be tough without the right tools. If you want to enjoy a meal on the sand, whether it's a rambunctious lunch with the kids or a romantic dinner with your sweetie, good gear makes a big difference.


Roll It Out

Pick the right beach blanket. While you may be able to get by with that old blanket in the park, beaches have sand, water, and other inconveniences a blanket designed for the beach, with waterproofing and easy-care dirt removal, can handle that it can't. Beach blankets with a handy or that fold into a case for easy transport will also spare you a little frustration.


Pack It Up

An insulated basket helps keep food cold or warm. Baskets are more portable, and just as convenient, as coolers and will ensure that rack of PB&Js, or that cold chicken with white wine just for two, will stay at both a safe and appetizing temperature, without any of the attendant frustrations of water leaching into the food or hunting down ice.


Tumble For Us

Insulated tumblers will make for a more pleasant picnic as well. While keeping drinks cold or hot isn't too complicated in the hauling, keeping them the right temperature while enjoying them is a little tougher. Insulated tumblers will limit how much ice you need to bring, and if they're not elegant stemware, it's the company that matters on a picnic, after all.