Outdoor Lovers Can't Resist The Awe-Inspiring Views At West Virginia's Largest State Park

West Virginia is the kind of place that lands right in the laps of motorists driving through the country, commanding them to slow down and look around. The state is truly wild and wonderful with its sprawling mountains, quaint towns and numerous natural wonders. It's next to impossible to travel through the state and successfully block out that peaceful and easy feeling, so it is best to embrace it.


Enchanting parks are scattered throughout the state. That isn't an exaggeration; amazing parks are everywhere, a major reason why it is one of the most popular states for vacationing. One truly spectacular park is Watoga State Park, whose name is derived from the Cherokee term for "starry waters." Watoga State Park's enchantingly beautiful 10,100 acres are truly paradise. The fresh, clean air, paired with the endless opportunities for adventure, prove that West Virginia really does have some of the best parks in America. The views are, of course, breathtaking, no matter what part of the park you explore.

Keep an eye out for these lovely daytime views

Within the vast 10,100 acres of Watoga State Park is a collection of 17 trails that weave their way through gorgeous natural beauty. Though none of the views on the trails could ever be anything but wild and alive, some are just a bit more epic than others. The Ann Bailey Trail leads to the Ann Bailey Tower, which offers arguably the best view in the park. The trailhead has a lovely view at the end of a paved 8.4-mile trail described on AllTrails as strenuous, but the magical vista over the West Virginia mountains and valleys is worth every bead of sweat. You may even get lucky enough to see a bear waddle down the trail. Another awesome view awaits at the stunning 11-acre Watoga Lake.


Watoga Lake draws many visitors to the park with its peaceful paddling, amazing waterfront sunsets and top quality fishing. When the bright blue sky has a few puffy white clouds floating by, it can have an amazing mirror effect on the lake. Furthermore, be sure to set out just before sunset for some stunning opportunities to watch the horizon resemble a painting on fire in various shades of reds, oranges and pinks. It is the perfect way to wrap up the daytime activities and get ready to enjoy the night.

Get lost in the night sky

Once you've watched the last ray of sunlight disappear, the adventure continues, no matter if you are camping or staying overnight in one of the adorable, authentic log cabins, which are picturesque in every season. The autumn leaves are a vibrant display of red, orange, and yellow, paving the way for the spring and summer months. Then, the surrounding wilderness is so lush and green, you would think you were deep in a jungle somewhere far away. The winter months are equally beautiful and peaceful, and Watoga State Park becomes a gorgeous winter wonderland. Watching the snow tumble in the wilderness is a truly serene experience.


In 2021, Watoga State Park was certified by the International Dark-Sky Association for providing an area far from any light pollution, allowing people to fully enjoy the night sky. This is an obvious bonus for those visiting the park, but it also makes Watoga State Park a magnet for many amateur and professional astronomers and photographers. It really emphasizes the meaning of"Watoga," as the water reflects every star in the sky. The views can't be beaten at Watoga State Park, a place where it pays to bring an actual camera and not just your phone.