Florida Keys Pictures

18 Instagram photos of the Florida Keys you have to see

Sometimes places are so photogenic, you don't even need a fancy DSLR camera. All you need is an iPhone. Take a peek at our favorite Florida Keys pictures from our digital editor's recent trip to the Keys and follow us on Instagram at @islands.

florida keys instagram photos key west

Key West

At the end of Duval Street, you can find Key West's South Beach — a tiny stretch of sand where beach chair rentals are $5. Come early for a good seat, or just hang out on the pier for the ultimate people-watching perch.Cami Miller
florida keys instagram photos key west aquarium

Key West Aquarium

This open-air aquarium is small, but that's what makes it so fun. Touch pools with sea critters like horseshoe crabs and conchs (of course) and up-close-and-personal experiences with sharks make it engaging — without the crowds — and provide plenty of opportunities for creating memorable Florida Keys pictures. (Don't miss the nurse shark feeding where you have a chance to touch one for yourself.)Cami Miller
florida keys instagram photos sunset key

Sunset Key

When you need a break from party-centric Key West, hop aboard the 15-minute guest ferry to Sunset Key. The 27-acre island is only for guests of Sunset Key Guest Cottages. Even if you're not staying the night, you can still grab dinner at Latitudes Restaurant onsite and enjoy a view of the stunningly rich-hued turquoise sea from the docks.Cami Miller
florida keys instagram photos key west sunset

Key West

Skip the crowds at Mallory Square and opt for a sunset cruise on the Schooner Western Union instead. Complimentary drinks and conch chowder make it Key West approved, and some surprise cannon fire make you literally go out with a bang.Cami Miller
florida keys instagram photos key west western union schooner

Key West

Let's face it: we all wanted to be a pirate at some time. Aboard the Schooner Western Union, you get your sunset and pirate fix — all in one. Don't forget to capture a sunset photo for your personal collection of Florida Keys pictures.Cami Miller
florida keys instagram photos no name key

No Name Key

Just off of Big Pine Key lies No Name Key, where the No Name Pub (go for the pizza — trust us) and Old Wooden Bridge Fishing Camp take priority. Give Captain Bill Keogh a call and meet him at the docks — he'll take you on a kayak tour through mangroves where the trail is so hidden you'll definitely need a guide to find it. And just in case you needed any more approval of the action, you'll be joined by his dog, Scupper— the water-loving pup has never missed a single kayak trip. Use your phone to make memories of the natural wonderland — full to brim with photogenic places for snapping some of the best Florida Keys pictures.Cami Miller
florida keys instagram photos key largo palm trees

Key Largo

Here in the Keys, a high five means something a little different. And to get one, all you have to do is look up.Cami Miller
florida keys instagram photos key largo chocolates

Key Largo Chocolates

Key Largo Chocolates is a local favorite that's home to the most tropical chocolate you'll ever taste. Our pick? The white chocolate Key lime truffle that explodes with as much flavor and silkiness as an entire Key lime pie. Florida Keys pictures featuring your favorite island foods bring back delicious memories when you get back home.Cami Miller
florida keys instagram photos pigeon key

Pigeon Key

Located directly under the Seven Mile Bridge, 5-acre Pigeon Key used to house railroad workers that built the Overseas Railway. Now the almost deserted island is home to a railroad museum, all the original buildings and a plenty of solitude. Here you can spend a day (or four) playing castaway and rent out the historic bunks for you and 70 of your closest friends.Cami Miller
florida keys instagram photos little palm island

Little Palm Island

Another private island? We're sensing a theme here. Little Palm Island is one of the most exclusive places in the Keys (only about 60 people can even stay on the island at one time), and the views and amenities are top-notch. We're partial to the never-ending supply of empty chaise lounges — go ahead and take your pick.Cami Miller
florida keys instagram photos little palm island the truman

Little Palm Island

Your journey to this secluded destination requires a short boat ride on the The Truman — a mahogany yacht that takes you your oceanfront bungalow suite.Cami Miller
florida keys instagram photos little palm island hammock

Little Palm Island

Remember those empty chaise lounges at Little Palm Island? Well, this hammock trumps them all. Located on it's own sandy peninsula on the island, it's completely idyllic. And almost impossible to give up. But with no one here, you can call dibs for as long as you like.Cami Miller
florida keys instagram photos little palm island key deer

Little Palm Island

On Little Palm Island, a sight like this isn't uncommon. Key deer roam the island resort (even the pool area!), and with their friendly demeanor, you'll start to feel a bit like you're in a tropical Disney movie. Just make sure to only look — feeding or petting the deer isn't allowed.Cami Miller
florida keys instagram photos islamorada


Perhaps one of the best things at Cheeca Lodge and Spa on Islamorada is the private outdoor tub in your room— sure, the view is fantastic, but the dramatic ceiling waterfall that fills it up may make you opt for bathtub over pool. But when your shower is a glassed-in wet room with the same view, we don't blame you if you never even leave the room.Cami Miller
florida keys instagram photos cheeca lodge spa pier


It really doesn't get any more peaceful than this at Cheeca Lodge and Spa where you can watch the pastel pink skies fade away without ever leaving the tiki bar.Cami Miller
florida keys instagram photos islamorada sunrise


We prefer our coffee with a sunrise like this in Islamorada.Cami Miller
florida keys instagram photos key west butterfly conservatory

Key West

At the Key West Butterfly Conservatory, worries and cares seem to melt away. Hundreds of butterflies in the brightest saphhire blue delicately dance among the flowers and below, tiny quail dash across the paths.Cami Miller
florida keys instagram photos key west sunsets

Key West

Sunsets in Key West are famous — and with good reason. Thousands of people flock to the water's edge to see the sun sink into the Gulf of Mexico. It's a Keys tradition that we're happy to participate in.Cami Miller