Authentic Island Recipes

Sure, we all wish we could drop everything to gallivant across exotic islands whenever we feel like it but, for most of us, reality makes this is an impossible dream. But you can enjoy the unmistakable flavors, aromas and spirits of the islands in the comfort of your own kitchen by whipping up one of the delicious entrees or beverages below. Try one the next time you catch the island bug.

Cuisine | Cocktails
Fish Chowder: A local specialty, offered by The Hog Penny Restaurant and Pub in Bermuda.
Sautéed Crab Cakes with Waffled Sweet Potato Crowned with Mango & Avocado Salsa: Try this recipe from Trinidadian Chef Richardson Skinner.
Newfoundland Screech Cake: Before leaving St. John's, order a Screech Rum Cake from the executive chef at the Fairmont Newfoundland. Or just make your own...
Pelau: A dish that really exemplifies Trinidadian cuisine because it is an admixture of various cooking styles.
Jalebis: Street vendors sell this dessert year-round and it's best to eat it when it is freshly made and still crispy.
Flip: A recipe from the book And a Bottle of Rum: A History of the New World in Ten Cocktails by Wayne Curtis (Crown Publishers, $24)
Traditional Mai Tai: Recipe from The Royal Hawaiian hotel on Waikiki Beach in Honolulu
Painkiller: The official drink of the BVI; recipe from Pusser's Rum
Rum Swizzle: Traditional cocktail from Bermuda; recipe from Swizzle Inn, Bermuda's oldest pub and home of the Rum Swizzle. Serves 6.
The Caipirinha: Recipe courtesy of the Asalem Seaside Hideaway on Brazil's Ilha Grande.
Cuba Libre: Personal recipe courtesy of Ramin Ganeshram. Ramin contributes to ISLANDS magazine and is author of Sweet Hands: Island Cooking from Trinidad & Tobago (Hippocrene Books, NY). Serves four.
Dad's Ginger Beer: Recipe from the book, Sweet Hands: Island Cooking from Trinidad & Tobago (Hippocrene Books, NY), by Ramin Ganeshram.