Hotels Around The World With The Most Luxurious Pools, According To Guests

Some people have pools in their homes, ranging from those that resemble unfussy, above-ground giant buckets to expansive bodies of water roomy enough for swimming laps. But can any of these residential options compare to the spectacular pools found at resorts and hotels around the world? These creations have a hard-to-replicate seductive quality and beautifully embody the sense of escape that a vacation promises. Slip into one and float in its shallows, and you can almost feel like you live a different, fantastically grand life with endless possibilities.


Luxe hotel pools effortlessly distill the feeling that you've traveled far from home through their size, ambition, or location. There are luxury pools all across the globe, from the mountains of Azerbaijan to the beaches of Australia. While many hotel pools have the power to generate potent feelings, some extraordinary designs exist in a class apart. We've compiled a list of some of the most luxurious hotel pools using personal experience, knowledge gained from decades in the travel industry, and internet research. These impressive bodies of water span the globe and have one thing in common — once you slide into them, you might never want to leave.

Amanera - Rio San Juan, Dominican Republic

Part of the super-luxe hotel brand Aman, Amanera opened on the north coast of the Dominican Republic in 2015. This modernist resort features a range of standalone rooms, all with views of the Atlantic. Each room has lots of space, with large terraces, places to eat indoors and out, and plenty of areas for unwinding. Some of the casitas come with their own private pool. But the central swimming pool, which has sweeping vistas of Playa Grande, steals the show.


One Tripadvisor contributor noted, "The main infinity pool over looks the ocean and is one of the most beautiful pools I've ever been in." The long, slender, angular body of water looks like a work of art when the surface stills. A few sleek loungers, tables and chairs, and minimal landscaping surrounding the pool ensure it remains the star attraction. The views from the edge take in the misty surf rolling into Playa Grande and verdant headlands.

Ayana Resort Bali - Jimbaran, Bali, Indonesia

While some resorts only offer guests one pool to splash in, this property in southwest Bali has 14 of them. The main pool, where dragon fountains arc jets of water, sits high above the sea. The design of this infinity pool makes its waters look like they flow into the ocean below. Alternatively, check out the Ocean Beach Pool, a sensuously curved infinity pool reserved for adults and children over 12 just feet from the rolling waves.


Another notable option is the River Pool, which unfurls over two levels made from river stones. The top tier has sloped ends, so guests can lounge in the water and gaze over the lush grounds. A visitor who reviewed Ayana Resort Bali on Tripadvisor wrote, "On many occasions we had Riverpool to ourselves which provided a very relaxing atmosphere to the sound of the waterfall. It is by far our favourite pool at Ayana."

Como Laucala Island - Fiji

Known in Fiji as the Garden Isle, Como Laucala Island provides travelers with a genuine escape east of Taveuni. The private island has just 25 standalone rooms and its own airstrip. Guests will find plenty to do onsite, from trips aboard a classic sailing yacht to tours of the local farm. Fans of social media, however, might recognize this property purely because of one of its pools.


Images of Como Laucala Island's glass-enclosed pool fill multiple social media feeds, and it's little wonder why. While a series of pools sits among banks of lush landscaping, a skinny lap pool at the heart of it all might draw a viewer's eye. It juts out like an extended diving board with one end finished in glass, making it look like a giant aquarium. One poster on Instagram even called it one of their "bucket-list swims," while a Tripadvisor user described the pool as "unreal" as part of their 5-star review of the property.

Crown Towers Sydney - Barangaroo, Australia

Sitting right on the waterfront of Darling Harbour in one of Australia's premier cities, Crown Towers Sydney has a central location. Housed inside a tall, glass-sheathed, glinting tower, the hotel has rooms facing west that look over the harbor and east, which spy the Harbour Bridge and iconic Sydney Opera House. The long, stylish pool faces west and has an extended pool deck from which guests can pore over skyline views. Lounge chairs sit in a shallow part of the pool, allowing guests to feel an immediate connection to the water.


The clear blue water in the deeper section makes the pool seem like it belongs in a tropical beach resort. It is located on Level 5 of the property, giving it a sense of elevation and distance from the activity of the boats in the harbor. Around the pool edge, expect day beds and tranquil cabanas for daily rent. Visitors who don't want to leave the glam setting can take their meals poolside.

Gaya Island Resort - Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

In the state of Sabah, on the Malaysian side of Borneo, this luxury property sits a few miles from the resort town of Kota Kinabalu. Gaya Island Resort features well-thought-out, careful landscaping, with rooms peeking out from ancient dipterocarp trees on the side of a hill. Having stayed there, we can attest that it is an archetypal Asian idyll. You'll find a spa set among lush mangroves, clear waters full of marine life, and the feeling of separation that an island brings.


The pool perfectly encapsulates the luxe sensibilities of Gaya Island Resort. Around it, turquoise loungers — the color mirrors the pool's water — sit under broad, white umbrellas. The pool is large enough for quick laps but small enough to feel intimate and timelessly romantic. Just below, the views open to the beach and the clear, open sea that teems with aquatic riches. One Tripadvisor user said, "It's also just nice to relax by the pool and admire the amazing views." You could easily spend the whole day there and order a bite to eat or a cooling drink in between refreshing plunges.

Grace Bay Club - Turks and Caicos

This plush resort takes its name from the stretch of sand where it's located, one of the best beaches in the Turks and Caicos. At Grace Bay Club, the T-shaped main pool, set aside for adults only, features simple landscaping around it, keeping the focus on the water. Crisp white loungers under roomy white umbrellas flank the pool, while a few palm trees dot the grounds nearby. Small lawn areas also intersperse the area. The pool's still blue waters recall the shimmering turquoise seas of Grace Bay Beach.


As a commenter on Tripadvisor noted, "The beach and pool area are truly amazing. If that is what you are looking for, you can't ask for better." The resort also has a family pool, where adults can choose from more than 40 rums at the rum bar. All rooms at the resort are suites and come with marine-accented artwork and soothing hues.

Halekulani - Honolulu, Hawaii

The Halekulani pool is right by Waikiki Beach and has an impressive mosaic that spreads across its bottom. The design recreates the delicate, slender petals of the Cattleya orchid, sometimes called the king of orchids, through 1.2 million glass tiles. The orchid is the focal point of the oval pool, heated all year round and more than 80 feet in length.


Banks of loungers surround the pool, where guests can relax, order a drink or sweet treat, and let the day float by. A reviewer on Tripadvisor said, "The mango and melon ice pops at the pool make one want to cry when one returns home and no one brings them." The pool is an area of peace and quiet, a sanctuary of serenity — guests can only use cellphones with headphones. Visitors can also take the short amble from the pool to one of the most famous beaches in the world, just below, or explore the many things to do in Oahu beyond Waikiki Beach.

Il San Pietro di Positano - Italy

The pool won't wow guests with its fantastic proportions or multi-tiered structure at this luxury property high up on the Amalfi Coast. Clear blue freshwater that invites guests to slide in fills the half-moon-shaped pool. Sun loungers curve along the front edge like a buffer, and guests who sit on them can order drinks from the bar. A couple of ledges along the pool's rim allow travelers to kneel in the water and look out, and that's where the real beauty lies. Relaxing in the shallows, guests can peer out onto the slopes and cliffs of the coast or across to the village of Praiano and down over the endless Tyrrhenian Sea.


The location and resort feel like they were lifted from the pages of a travel brochure, where the rugged coastline meets polished refinement. The craggy terrain is, in fact, a constant throughout Il San Pietro di Positano. The resort's tennis court has an equally dramatic perch between gardens, a towering cliff, and a compact, pebble-strewn beach.

Katikies Santorini - Oía, Santorini, Greece

For fans of dramatic scenery, the island of Santorini checks all the boxes. The isle is the rim of a giant caldera, the result of volcanic activity from thousands of years ago. From points throughout Santorini, visitors can look down steep cliffs to a vast, central water-filled crater and visibly trace the structure of the ancient volcano. From the resort of Katikies Santorini, those views are also available, not least from the three infinity pools. One of those shimmering blue pools peeks above the whitewashed structures of the property and the caldera below.


There are a few select loungers around the pool and a bar nearby, but the simplicity of the setup espouses the principles of understated luxury. Writing on Tripadvisor, a former guest noted, "The infinity pools offer stunning views and picturesque surroundings that everyone associates with Santorini." Guests can easily spend the whole day at the pool on the lower decksince food and drinks are served poolside. Breakfast includes fresh juices and reviving coffees, while meals range from sushi to grilled fish caught that day.

Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino - Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas isn't known as a city with a sense of restraint, and the large Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino pool is no exception. The vast pool complex at this property on The Strip includes many different sections. In a part of the resort known as Mandalay Bay Beach, it features a lazy river, lagoons, and a wave pool that is a draw for adults and kids alike. It's the kind of destination that can entertain guests for the entire day, an 11-acre site akin to a mini water park.


Active guests might lean toward the moving water features — the lazy river and wave pool — while those looking for tranquility might find it at the lagoon or a private cabana. Food is close at hand, with the Beach Bar and Grill menu featuring breakfast parfaits, burgers, salads, and full platters. Older guests can order a drink from any of the three bars nearby.

Marina Bay Sands - Singapore

The top level of Marina Bay Sands (or MBS as this resort is locally known) is called the SkyPark and resembles a ship sailing in the air. The SkyPark has restaurants, an observation deck, gardens, and a pool. The resort claims the pool is the largest rooftop infinity pool on the planet. True or not, the numbers are impressive — it's about 500 feet long and holds about 1.5 million liters of water. The pool, which appears as one curving, sweeping body of water, has three sections: one part is for adults, one for families, and one aimed at kids. Loungers and palm trees line the back of the pool, while the view from the front is uninterrupted — it looks down onto Marina Bay and the surrounding skyscrapers, a bird's-eye vista if ever there was one.


One of the most famous hotel pools, it sits above three towers that look like cards resting on each other and is the crowning glory of this casino resort. From first-hand experience, we can assuredly say that leaning on the edge of that infinity pool, looking out over the skyscrapers, you'll feel like you are on top of the world. The view at night, with all the buildings lit up like jewels glinting in the darkness, is even more astounding.

National Hotel - Miami Beach, Florida

This adults-only Art Deco property fits into the neighborhood's aesthetic in the heart of Miami Beach, right by the waterfront. The National Hotel is not large, with 101 rooms in a tower and 36 cabanas and suites. That said, the main infinity pool is notable for its grand dimensions — it is more than 200 feet long, with the hotel claiming it to be the longest in Miami Beach.


The pool has a clean, symmetrical beauty, with palm trees flanking it on either side and the hotel tower rising behind it. Guests can swim laps, lounge on chairs around it, retire to a cabana or order some food from Aqua Bar & Grill. Thankfully, for travelers not staying at the property, non-guests can purchase a day pass for $45 and enjoy full access to the pool. A contributor on Tripadvisor gushed, "The location is perfect and the pool is amazing!"

Six Senses Yao Noi - Thailand

In Thailand's Phang Nga Bay, the forested limestone karst isles and cliffs that rise from the water look like the knobby spine of a mythical sea creature. It's a landscape of bravado and hulking formations, freighted with fantasy and imagination in a country with many islands worth getting to know. From the hilltop infinity pool of the Six Senses Yao Noi, visitors can survey these green, undulating clumps as they unfurl as far as the eye can see. 


The surroundings made quite an impression on one former guest who commented on Tripadvisor, "The main pool is the most beautiful I have seen, what a location!" The pool, which forms a half-moon shape, has a terrace with lounge chairs above and a wooden deck below, offering guests multiple places to unwind and take in the scenery. In the lower level, by the deck, guests will find day beds and netted platforms to relax while feeling suspended in the air. The pool area also houses the Hilltop, a restaurant serving the same expansive views alongside lunch and dinner.

Tierra Patagonia - Chile

Travelers searching for more dramatic scenery should consider visiting the region of Patagonia. Shared between Argentina and Chile, it boasts jagged mountains, glacial lakes, and rugged fjords. Guests of the luxury resort Tierra Patagonia can enjoy views of snow-capped peaks from a warm indoor pool. Writing on Tripadvisor, a commenter said, "Beautiful indoor pool with awesome views (face it – Patagonia is awesomely magnificent)." 


The pool, part of a wellness center with a hot tub set among the elements and a spa, might be the most striking feature. A long body of water that sits right by floor-to-ceiling glass panes lets guests leisurely soak while peering across scrubby plains and out onto mountain ridges dusted in snow. It even features jets and hydro massage, a perfect way to soothe tired muscles after a day exploring the wilderness. Visitors might even be lucky enough to spot a guanaco (similar to a llama), or the flightless bird called ñandú, while bobbing in the water.

The Vines Resort & Spa - Mendoza, Argentina

Fans of South American wine are likely familiar with the region of Mendoza. The country's wine-growing powerhouse, three-quarters of Argentina's vineyards flourish in the area, with the majority cultivating red varietals. Unsurprisingly, The Vines Resort & Spa guests will spot these agricultural wonders from many vantage points around the property. The resort sits in the Uco Valley amid 1,500 acres of its vineyards.


Book a stay at The Vines, and you'll have the opportunity to gaze across the vineyards to the snow-capped Andes Mountains beyond from the sleek, mirror-like pool. Travelers can sit on a lounger under a roomy umbrella or retire to a poolside cabana and admire the scenery. The vista certainly wowed one former guest, who wrote on Tripadvisor: "The views are to die for and I am not sure I have seen a better place to put a pool." Vinophiles might go gaga over the chance to make their own wines at the property, a unique memento of their stay.

How we chose the hotels with the most luxurious pools

To put together this list, we used several sources and parameters. We based a couple of choices on personal experience, selecting hotels we have visited where the pools served as the highlight of our stay. We also included places with pools we yearn to swim in, which we learned about during our decades in the travel industry. To ensure that we presented a sound geographical spread that extended beyond a single hemisphere, we turned to the internet to uncover additional options. From there, we used reviews on Tripadvisor to back up our findings and ensure that the pools featured throughout provide a worthwhile experience that will leave a lasting impression on travelers.