Huahine What is known for



Huahine has some of the best surf in the South Pacific, notably at Ava Mo'a Pass, a passage in the reef near Fare. There are both lefts and rights to choose from ... however, recent reports indicate that the locals are not always happy to share the waves - and that the vibes in the water can sometimes be as heavy as the tubes pouring over the reef.


The village of Maeva was once a center of Polynesian culture, and the richest collection of archaeological sites in the region, dating back more than 1,000 years, can be seen near the village. The waters of lake Fauna Nui flow through a reef pass to the sea at Maeva, where ancient, V-shaped stone fish traps have been restored - and work as well as they did centuries ago. You can join a tour of the restored marae, including the large Manunu Marae on a nearby beach, or visit them on your own.


Don't miss the poisson cru. The national dish of Tahiti's islands is the South Pacific version of Mexico's ceviche - fresh ahi (yellowtail tuna) marinated in just-squeezed lime juice, a few veggies (onions, cucumber, tomatoes among them), all mixed with fresh coconut milk. What's Polynesian for yum-yum-yum?