Ibiza Main


If there is an island synonymous with the word "party," it's Ibiza. For Europeans, this free spirit of the Balearic Islands off Spain is legendary not only for its beaches (more than 70 tucked around the island, some in small, hidden coves) but for its clubs and all-night raves. You might be thinking disco, but that term doesn't begin to do justice to the anything-goes venues that can accommodate 5,000 guests, complete with swimming pools - and where hedonistically charged entertainments can be part theater and part circus, complete with dancers enveloped in bubbly foam showered from cannons.

Ibiza was a favorite Mediterranean hideaway for artists in the 1950s and hippies in the 1960s, and there are still quiet corners of villages and vineyards. However, like sister isle Mallorca, Ibiza has become a prime destination for European group tours, particularly from Britain, Scandinavia, and Germany.

Yes, those beaches (notably at San Antonio de Portmany) can get almost as crowded as the dance floors, but in the early evening you can wander along cobbled streets in the old quarter of Ibiza town, gaze at yachts in the harbor, sit at a sidewalk table, and watch an ever-changing collection of exhibitionists, "clubbers," and beautiful people starting to gear up for the evening. And the party goes on...