Island Postcards? There's an App For That

Cartolina Postale

If you still get "Send me a postcard!" requests from friends and family when you travel, but you aren't traveling to an island where postcard shops and post offices are on every corner, or if you're the type who takes a multitude of digital photos with your phone that you'd prefer to share over any typical pre-printed shot, Cartolina Postale's app may be for you.

There are two versions available: one, which sells for $1.99, gives you a variety of pre-designed postcard-style backgrounds for sending messages; the other, which is a free download, gives you the ability to combine Cartolina's postcard-mat designs, including vintage backgrounds and island shells, with your own travel photography and create a unique postcard that they'll then print on quality 4"x6" stock, with your message on the back, and mail out to the desired recipient for you, at a cost of $1.99 each within the US and UK.

For more info, see Cartolina Postale's website.