10 Things We Love About Soneva Fushi, a Luxury Maldives Hotel

Planning a trip to the Maldives islands? Here’s why we love this resort.

Located on Kunfunadhoo Island in the Baa Atoll just a 30-minute seaplane ride from Male, Soneva Fushi, a luxury Maldives hotel, embraces the five-star-meets-Robinson Crusoe vibe. Here are 10 things we love about the resort.

Maldives Islands: Soneva Fushi Hotel
Seaplane arrival Courtesy Soneva Fushi

1. The World’s Smallest Airport (maybe)

See that platform by the seaplane? That’s the airport. More specifically, Soneva Fushi International Airport. (We’re pretty sure you’d be hard pressed to find a smaller airport.) Arriving to this Maldives hotel by seaplane has a cool factor that will make you feel like a VIP, and upon landing, you’ll be greeted with a chilled towel and fresh coconut water by the resort’s staff. From there, the hotel’s boat will bring you to the private island.

Maldives Islands: Soneva Fushi Hotel Motto
The island’s motto: No news, no shoes Courtesy Soneva Fushi

2. No News, No Shoes

While on the brief boat ride from the airport to the resort, you’ll meet your personal Mr. or Ms. Friday who will be your butler during your stay. They’ll introduce you to the resort’s “no news, no shoes” policy, which sets the stage for a stress-free vacation.

Maldives Islands: Soneva Fushi Hotel's Beach
One of Soneva Fushi’s beaches Lori Barbely

3. Plentiful Beaches

The lush island is almost completely ringed with soft sand, giving you a bevy of beaches to choose from. Dolphin Beach and Turtle Beach, located at either end of the island are perfect for sunbathing and swimming, while Sunset Beach and Sunrise Beach offer spectacular views and plentiful snorkeling spots.

Maldives Islands: Soneva Fushi Hotel Sobah's on the Beach
Sobah’s on the Beach Lori Barbely

4. Unique Dining Options

From dining atop the trees in an open-air restaurant overlooking the resort’s organic garden to sunset dinners on the beach to an intimate dinner in the resort’s wine cave: Soneva Fushi offers a variety of dining options, allowing you to choose a unique experience for each night of your stay. Feast on locally caught fish and Maldivian- and Sri Lankan-inspired cuisine, along with with just-picked produce and herbs from the resort’s garden.

Maldives Islands: Soneva Fushi Hotel Cinema Paradiso
Cinema Paradiso Courtesy Soneva Fushi

5. Cinema Paradiso

Twice per week, view classic films at the first open-air cinema in the Maldives islands. Recline on a cushioned lounger on the beach and snack on popcorn, ice cream, and cocktails while watching movies like The Outsiders on the big screen.

Maldives Islands: Soneva Fushi Hotel Bathroom
A bathroom at Soneva Fushi Lori Barbely

6. Blissful Bathrooms

From one-bedroom villas to nine-bedroom private reserves, no design detail is overlooked at this Maldives hotel. Open-air bathrooms (like this one in the Soneva Fushi Villa Suite), are a hallmark of the resort’s design and feature a large soaking tub and two separate garden showers. Getting ready for dinner has never been such a pleasure!

Maldives Islands: Soneva Fushi Hotel
So Glasscycle Lori Barbely

7. So Sustainable

All three Soneva Resorts (Soneva Fushi and Soneva Jani in the Maldives, and Soneva Kiri in Thailand) are committed to S.LO.W. L.I.F.E. — sustainable, local, organic, wellness, learning, inspiring, fun, experiences. This philosophy is is evident in every aspect of the resorts. Soneva Fushi’s So Glasscycle is just one example of this commitment: Waste materials like glass bottles are crushed, melted and made into functional items that are used at the resort. All of the non-disposable water bottles found around the resort, as well as glassware used in the restaurants at both Soneva Fushi and Soneva Jani, are created at So Glasscycle. Guests can also work with the team to learn how to blow glass and create their own masterpieces.

Maldives Islands: Soneva Fushi Hotel chocolate and ice cream room
The chocolate room Courtesy Soneva Fushi

8. The Chocolate and Ice Cream Room

A highlight of the resort’s buffet area is the Chocolate Room and Ice Cream Room. This climate-controlled spot features handmade chocolate truffles (at least 15 different varieties at any given time) and nearly 20 flavors of homemade ice cream. Stick with a classic flavor like vanilla, or get wild and sample flavors like pineapple and chili sorbet, or pumpkin Thai basil and chili ice cream.

Maldives Islands: Soneva Fushi Hotel sunset beach
Beach at sunset Lori Barbely

9. Sunsets

Did we mention the sunsets? There’s no better way to close out the day than with spectacular sunsets like this.

Maldives Islands: Soneva Fushi Hotel Observatory
Soneva Fushi’s Observatory Courtesy Soneva Fushi

10. The Observatory

Located in the middle of the ocean, far from any light pollution, Soneva Fushi is an incredible star-viewing location. Join astronomer Mike Dalley in the 40-foot high observatory tower to peer at planets and stars, as he shares stories of constellations and answers questions like “what’s a black hole?” and “why are some stars red?”


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