6 Bathrooms With The Best Views Ever

Who wouldn't want to soak in a bubble bath in these bathrooms with breathtaking views?

1. Akaryn Chura Samui Luxury Resort

After enjoying the most private stretch of Thailand's Koh Samui coast, take relaxing to the next level in your spa-like bathroom. (Yep, the views are still here.)

2. Casa Colonial Beach & Spa

You could always take in the panoramic ocean view from the rooftop infinity pool, but we prefer our Atlantic vistas with a side of bubbles and privacy.

3. The Racha Resort

Step out of the bathtub...into the pool. At the Racha Resort, there's no need to ever stay dry.

4. Kandolhu Island

At Kandolhu Island, you can either enjoy a cocktail and live music at the sand-floored beach bar, or you can lounge in a bubble bath, wine in hand, and view the vibrant sun set over the Indian Ocean. Decisions, decisions.

5. Santhiya Koh Phangan Resort & Spa

You may forget to wash behind your ears with these views of Thailand's mountainous coastline.

6. Shigira Bayside Suite Allamanda

As you're snorkeling, diving and sea kayaking to explore Japan's Miyakojima, keep in mind you're coming back to this modern bathtub for a freshwater rinse.

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