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Find the Secrets of Odysseus In the Adriatic Sea among the Dalmation isles off the coast of Croatia, Mljet is a quiet, transfixing island with historic attraction. According to legend, Odysseus stayed with Calypso on Mljet during his return from the Trojan War. The 22-mile-long, 2-mile-wide island is green along its coast and hills, with a national park comprising a third of the island. It's a secret oasis for Europeans yet accessible from the Croatian city of Dubrovnik.

ISLANDS contributing editor Jeff Greenwald and photographer Matthieu Paley recently visited Mljet to see for themselves what has attracted travelers here throughout the ages. A native guide named Marijana showed Jeff the island as a local sees it, including hikes across the countryside, a celebration with the Croatian liqueur called rakija, and an exploration of the mythical cave said to have held Odysseus for seven years. Read the full story.