10 Travel Accessories You Must Pack For Your Next Trip

Our editors love these must-have travel accessories.

August 31, 2017
Travel Accessories
10 Things You Must Pack for Your Next Trip Courtesy Amazon

From creative cocktail kits to cute passport covers, add some fun to your packing list with these must-have travel accessories.

Travel Accessories: Beach bag
Beach Please Zippered Tote Courtesy Amazon

Maybe you’re telling the world you’re begging to go to the beach. Or maybe this cheeky zippered tote is your way of warning coworkers, “Beach, please, don’t even think about calling me for work-related stuff while I’m on vacation!” Only you’ll know for sure.

Travel Accessories: Wet bag
Wet Suit Packing Bag Courtesy Amazon

We know how it is — you can’t resist one last dip before you’ve got to head to the airport (and back home to reality). But a soggy swimsuit in your luggage is less than ideal. Thankfully, Flight 001’s Go Clean Wet Suit Packing Bag isolates your damp from your dry.

Travel Accessories: GoPro
GoPro Hero 5 Courtesy Amazon

Whether you’re snorkeling with sea turtles or surfing the Pipeline, you’ll want to capture the moment to share with your family and friends (and YouTube). The waterproof GoPro Hero 5 is our favorite camera for shooting in the sea. With dozens of mounts to choose from, it’s easy to attach it to your surfboard or strap it to your forehead while you hang ten.

Travel Accessories: Carry-on Cocktail Kit
Moscow Mule Carry On Cocktail Kit Courtesy Amazon

Want to spruce up your in-flight cocktail? Enter the Carry On Cocktail Kit. This tiny tin meets TSA standards (the included liquids are under 3 ounces) and all you need to add is in-flight booze. Choose from concoctions including a Moscow Mule, a Bloody Mary and an Old Fashioned.

Travel Accessories: Pineapple Beach Towel
Pineapple Beach Towel Courtesy Amazon

This colorful pineapple beach towel is the perfect companion for your travels. And use this oversized towel at home to bring back your vacation memories.

Travel Accessories: retro vintage passport cover
Vintage Pan Am Passport Cover Courtesy Amazon

Protect your passport — and earn serious travel geek cred —with a blast-from-the-past passport cover featuring the Pan Am Airlines logo from the Golden Age of travel.

Travel Accessories: Retro vintage luggage
Retro Rolling Suitcase Courtesy Amazon

Trade basic luggage for this adorable retro suitcase and you’ll always be able to easily spot your baggage on the carousel. 360 spinner wheels make it easy to pull with one hand while carrying that customary welcome cocktail.

Travel Accessories: travel diary
Travel Stub Diary Courtesy Amazon

Part scrapbook, part journal, this portable travel diary is the perfect way to chronicle your island adventures. Slip ticket stubs and maps into the protective sleeves and make notes in the margins about the highlights of your journey.

Travel Accessories: travel water bottle
Tervis Destination Signs Water Bottle Courtesy Amazon

Tote this cute Tervis water bottle during your travels to stay hydrated. When you get home, stash it on your desk at work to remind yourself that your next adventure awaits. Bonus: all Tervis cups come with a lifetime guarantee, and the company will replace your bottle if it gets cracked or damaged.

Travel Accessories: flamingo float
Flamingo Float Courtesy Amazon

What’s a beach vacation without floating in the pool or ocean? This flamingo float makes it easy to drift in style. Need a cup holder for your adult beverage? Snag the matching flamingo float cup holder.


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