Airbnb Experiences: What Are They And Are They Worth Booking?

Airbnb offers travelers one-of-a-kind lodging options, which has unquestionably contributed to its acclaim. Individuals can book something as extraordinary as an igloo or even rent private islands on Airbnb with a few clicks. Although there are similar websites (like VRBO), the platform remains ahead of the game thanks to its Airbnb Experiences. Created in 2016, data from Backlinko demonstrates that millions of individuals book Airbnb "nights and experiences" at the destination of their choice each year. If you're unfamiliar with this concept, Airbnb Experiences is an online activity marketplace.


Users can search for an activity by inputting their destination, travel dates, and the number of guests attending. These varied activities include categories such as art and culture, entertainment, food and drink, sports, tours, and sightseeing. An activity could be as straightforward as a bike tour or as daring as a flight lesson. However, Airbnb itself does not provide these Experiences.

Instead, the hosts, as they are referred to, are locals who Airbnb approved to share their experience on the platform. In other words, Airbnb Experiences are typically more intimate than your average tour operator. For example, some hosts hold their experiences at their homes or art studios, providing an unparalleled ambiance. If you want to avoid tourist traps or enjoy a distinctive activity on your travels, Airbnb Experiences may be for you.


Know before you book an Airbnb Experience

As you peruse the array of Airbnb Experiences available on the company's website or app, you should keep a few aspects in mind. With options as low as $20 per person, there are options for every budget. Likewise, Airbnb Experiences are open to anyone with an Airbnb account. Don't be afraid to book an Airbnb Experience in your home city. This could be an excellent opportunity to try something new or meet like-minded individuals. The same can be said if you're a solo traveler.


Each listing on Airbnb Experiences will include a myriad of information, including details about the host, availability of the experience, where it will take place, what's included in the price, the cancellation policy, and the age requirement for participants. Depending on the experience, the listing will also contain a packing list and the skill level required. This is more common with outdoor activities.

Note that not every activity is suited for beginners. Thus, make sure to read the listing you're interested in thoroughly. However, there are inclusive choices for those living with mobility impairments, sensory impairments, and disabilities. You can find these by clicking on the "filters" feature when searching on Airbnb Experiences. Furthermore, activities are offered in different languages and are available at different times of the day.


Awesome Airbnb Experiences for your travels

In 2020, Airbnb revealed that it had more than 40,000 experiences available. If your thoughts are already consumed by wanderlust, the following Airbnb Experiences will only strengthen your desire to travel. In Paris, France, you can take a two-hour tour of the city's Paris Rive Gauche neighborhood in a Citröen 2CV, a small, quirky French car discontinued since 1990. And yes, the Eiffel Tower is included in the tour. You can book this experience, which has a 4.99-star rating out of five, online for $94.


If you seek an outdoor adventure in Japan, you can kayak through a mangrove river on Iriomote Island in Okinawa. This five-star experience includes a farm cooking class and a waterfall hike. Prices start at $34. Are you local to Newport Beach, California, or are you traveling to Orange County soon? Airbnb Experiences offers lobster hunting after dark. Note that this is best suited for individuals who have some diving experience. During this five-hour activity, you will dive in the Pacific Ocean for California spiny lobster, which you will cook and eat. Prices are $200 per person.

Experiences from the comfort of your home

If you cannot travel and are yearning for a unique activity for yourself or your family and friends, don't fret. Airbnb has Online Experiences. This feature launched in 2020 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing users to partake in activities from their homes. Airbnb's Online Experiences are provided by hosts from all over the world, and like in-person options, they are incredibly distinct. An example is the Solve the Mystery Escape Room. Hosted from Kraków, Poland, via Zoom, this game is ideal for larger groups. Prices start at $128. 


For foodies, there's Advanced Taco Tuesday with a Pro Chef. Guests will learn how to make authentic Mexican tacos. A chef leads instruction in Mexico City via Zoom, and guests can cook during the workshop or watch and take notes for later. Prices start at $30 per person. Love history? You can learn about Spanish mummies from an expert in Tenerife, Spain. The hour-long experience starts at $11 per person. You can even take a sunset hike with a geologist in Thailand. Prices start at $50 per group. Online Experiences can expand your worldview and temporarily transport you to another location. What's not to love about that?

How to get a refund on an Airbnb Experience

You or someone you know likely has an Airbnb horror story. There have been cases where fake photos have been used in Airbnb listings. Guests arrive at their rental only to be met with an unpleasant situation, and so on. Luckily, the platform has a refund policy. This also applies to Airbnb Experiences and Online Experiences. Users are eligible for a full refund if the host cancels their experience. If something else goes wrong (i.e., your host fails to show up or if, for any reason, you were not satisfied with your experience), you can request a refund. Message your host first, then contact Airbnb.


If you have issues with your experience, follow these steps promptly. The sooner you let Airbnb know, the better. Depending on the circumstances and the proof provided, you may receive either a full or, at the least, a partial refund. Another tip: carefully read the cancellation policy for your chosen Airbnb experience. This will ensure you know beforehand what to expect if you can't make it.

Similarly, look at reviews and ratings before you decide on an experience. Booking an Airbnb without any reviews can be risky. This notion is also relevant to Airbnb Experiences. However, if you have any questions or doubts, message the host for further clarity.

Airbnb Adventures explained

Airbnb Experiences are typically only a few hours long. However, in 2019, the company announced Airbnb Adventures. This is essentially the same concept as Airbnb Experiences but on a larger scale, as these adventures are days long. At the time of this writing, there were 114 Airbnb Adventures available globally for travelers. Prices range from $67 to upwards of $4,000 per person. This price includes accommodations, food, and, in some cases, transportation and equipment. However, each listing differs.


Notable Airbnb Adventures include camping in Bali and touring plantations in Cuba. The former has a 4.99-star rating out of five and begins in Ubud, Bali. The two-day trip features exploring the rainforest, swimming in a waterfall, visiting a village, eating local cuisine, and much more. This adventure starts at $120 per person. Alternatively, this Airbnb Adventure in Cuba's Viñales Valley has a five-star rating and is also two days long. Highlights include seeing Cuba's countryside (pictured) on horseback and learning how Cuban cigars (which are banned in the United States) are made. Prices start at $169 per person.

Children as young as eight are welcome to participate in either trip. Likewise, food and drinks are included with your stay. As are tents and transportation for the Bali adventure. If you need to cancel your adventure for any reason, you can do so within 24 hours of booking or 30 days before the trip starts for a full refund.