This Costa Rican Beach Is An Uncrowded Tropical Paradise You've Never Heard Of

You can travel to Alaska for sweeping, black-sand landscapes or Japan for perfect, white-sand beaches, but did you know that you can find pink beaches in Costa Rica? Best of all, unlike some tropical tourist traps constantly full of visitors, this beach is so far off the beaten trail that you might have this natural wonder all to yourself. Almost glowing, pink-tinted sand, lush jungle, and calm blue waves: this is Playa Rosada.


This beach is extremely small, but since it's so remote, you won't have to fight for space. One reason why this beach is so private is that it's not easy to get to. If you want to enjoy it, you'll have to come by boat or approach on foot, either by going north from Playa Guiones or south from Playa Garza. From Playa Giones, which is the direction some local tours will take you, some report that it is only a 15-minute walk along the sea, but others say that after they saw the first little pink rocks dotting the shore, they still had to walk another 50 minutes to find the most brilliantly colorful part of the beach.

Why is the sand pink?

The main reason locals and visitors alike make the trek to tiny Playa Rosada is because of its beautiful pink sand. But what gives the beach this unusual color? There are a few contenders.

Many of the beaches in the area have a slight pinkish tint, with the most concentration of color on Playa Rosada. Some attribute this color to tiny, pink quartz stones, which visitors find all over the surrounding beaches. Other visitors have referred to the sand itself as being a light pinkish color. Some have also noted that shells contribute to the color. 


Usually, pink tropical beaches occur in tropical areas near coral reefs because of the shells of tiny creatures called red foraminifera. That may or may not be true for Playa Rosada, though the ocean around the beach is home to a barrier reef. It is entirely possible that the blush you'll see on Playa Rosada may come from the reef, shells, and the small crystals dotting the beach.

What to do when you visit

Those interested in finding Playa Rosada for themselves will probably find the journey to reach it enough of an adventure to make the trip worthwhile. After all, you'll take a walk through increasingly pink-toned beaches while taking in the sights and sounds of the waves, which ends with a relaxing afternoon on private pink sands. 


The ocean itself is the perfect draw. The almost turquoise sea around Playa Rosada is calm and clear, thanks to the barrier reef around it. That makes it the perfect place to snorkel and admire the hidden world under the waves by this secluded beach. Some local guides will take you to Playa Rosada by boat and even offer snorkeling tours along the coast nearby. Just be careful to snorkel safely around the reef! As described by one visitor on Tripadvisor in the summer of 2023, "We were fortunate to see a myriad of gorgeous, multi colored fish, as well as an ancient, sunken ship (a hit with my son)."