Samantha Brown's Genius Hack Prevents Stinky Feet On Days Full Of Walking

Travel Channel show host Samantha Brown is a wealth of travel advice. Whether it's how to wash your dishes in a hotel or planning your dream cruise vacation, Brown has you covered. One of her travel tips will help keep your feet odor-free and comfortable, even after a long day of exploring a new place, and it involves bringing flip-flops, extra socks, and foot powder with you. In a video on Instagram, Brown explained her hack. It starts with giving your feet a break after several hours and putting on some comfortable flip-flops. It gives your feet a chance to breathe and flex, and while your feet are in flip-flops, sprinkle some powder on your toes to combat any foot funk.


Brown's hack doesn't end there. Before you put your travel shoes back on, put on a clean pair of socks and then sprinkle them again with some powder. She doesn't give a specific type of powder, but there's plenty of foot powders designed to help keep your feet dry, or you could simply use baby powder. It's most likely to be sweat that makes your feet stinky, so whatever you can do to help keep them sweat-free also helps keep them stink-free. Brown does note that you shouldn't do this when you're flying, and we agree — you should think twice before taking your shoes off on a flight.

Samantha Brown's shoe hack needs to be followed in its entirety to work

It's important to use Samantha Brown's full hack, including the powder — don't just stop at taking off your travel shoes and putting on flip-flops. And definitely don't wear flip-flops when walking around. Wearing flip-flops for long periods of time, especially cheap ones with no support, can be bad for your feet. As Brown explains in her video, this tip comes from her time working as a waitress in New York City, where she would put on flip-flops during her breaks; it's not that she would wear them to work in.


Anyone who's worked at a restaurant knows just how many miles you can end up walking during a long shift and how important it is to have supportive shoes. So it totally makes sense that this hack easily transitioned from Brown's work as a waitress to her work as a traveler.

Even if don't care about whether or not your feet stink (since they'll mostly be staying in your shoes), the hack could also help prevent blisters by cutting down on sweat. Plus, in some cultures, you may be expected to take your shoes off to go inside someone's home or at some sacred sites. You don't want the smell of your feet to be distracting or make anyone uncomfortable, including yourself.