The Best Places To Visit In Europe Based On Your Interests, According To Rick Steves

Visiting other countries allows you to seek out incredible experiences you could not have had at home, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't target your itinerary towards your passions. On his website, Rick Steves recommends using your personal interests to craft your trip. If you intend to travel with a partner, friends, or family members, you can use the opportunity to share what lights you up (and invite them to do the same). Or, if you're planning a solo trip, you can design it entirely around your preferences.


You never know what unexpected detour will become the highlight of your journey. However, it still helps to know what you would most like to try. If you are a foodie, taking your love of cooking and eating into account can transform a good trip into a great one. Italy and France are well-known havens for food lovers, but Steves also recommends tapas in Spain, a food tour in Porto, Portugal, or a meal in Amsterdam for its seafood and Indonesian-inspired flavors. Following Rick Steves' tips on how to have authentic restaurant experiences while traveling can help you find delicious local spots without overpaying.

European destinations for art lovers

If you primarily want to see great art, you have no shortage of options to choose from. Rick Steves considers the Louvre in Paris the greatest European museum, and he suggests visiting Florence to experience the most incredible works of the Renaissance. England, where you can visit the British Museum and the Tate Modern, also makes a great choice. However, between tours of galleries filled with works by the great masters, consider checking out some lesser-known museums that still hold incredible masterpieces.


Carving out time for smaller museums, galleries, and cultural sites doesn't have to mean sacrificing seeing some of the most fascinating art Europe has to offer. On his website, Steves suggests visiting London's Wallace collection to take in works by artists like Velázquez and Rembrandt, heading to Rome's Borghese Gallery, which has a collection that includes pieces by Raphael, Titian, Rubens, and Caravaggio, or seeking out Paris's Cluny Museum (pictured) to peruse Medieval tapestries. Whichever you choose, don't forget to follow Steves' tips for getting the most out of your museum visit, especially his advice about researching the artists whose work you'll encounter in advance. A little context can elevate your experience.


European destinations for history buffs

"As you travel, opportunities to enjoy history are everywhere. Work on cultivating a general grasp of the sweep of history, and you'll be able to inform your sightseeing with more meaning," Steves advises on his websiteTravelers have a lot they can learn from Rick Steves, but engaging with history and how it impacts the world today may be the most important for a challenging and fascinating travel experience rather than just looking for a relaxing vacation. History buffs, or anyone else ready to learn more about different parts of the planet, may want to prioritize education for their European itinerary.


You can visit France to marvel at our ancient ancestor's artistic ability via a replica of the Lascaux Caves near the original site or remember D-Day on the beaches of Normandy. You can visit Italy to admire the remains of architecture from the Roman Empire or the stained glass windows of the ornate Duomo di Milano. You can explore Ireland, taking in the 2,000-year-old stone-walled Dun Aengus (pictured) towering over the sea, or visit Belfast's Museum of the Troubles and Peace to learn more about the conflict in Northern Ireland, which took place during the lifetimes of most modern travelers.