Pack One Unexpected Item On Your Beach Trips To Get All The Sand Off Your Body Fast

Beach vacations equal toes in the sand — and sand everywhere else. It has a way of creeping up on you while you're busy enjoying the rays and waves, and sand sticks to everything from you to your towels, bags, and hats. Imagine visiting the legendary California beach with purple sand and leaving looking more like Grimace than yourself at the end of a beach day.


Yet, there is one way to keep the sand where it belongs. With just a little bit of baby powder, you can say goodbye to the sand caked life in no time, making it even more fun to play on beaches with black, orange, and even green sand. Instead of quickly rinsing off with the beachside shower, hoping that a quick jaunt to the car will not be enough to get you sandy again, this baby powder hack can help. That's because baby powder and sand are both hydrophilic, which means they pull the moisture wherever they find it. 

However, baby powder is more hydrophilic than sand, so it takes more moisture than the sand does, and when the sand no longer has moisture to cling to, it's easier to wipe off. However, be warned the sand will still stick to your damp towel if you use it to brush yourself off.


How to use the baby powder against sand

There are a couple ways to utilize powder power on your next trip to the beach. First, you can apply it directly to the sandy areas, like your feet, and then brush it off. This method is a little messier, though it does work. If you want to keep the mess to a minimum, use a tool like a small paintbrush to dust away the sand once it has succumbed to the baby powder parade. That way, when you're trying to stay cool at this particular Florida beach year-round, you can do so free from sand.


But if you want a no-mess, no-stress way to fight back against the battle of the beach day sandy appendages, the best option of all is to fill a couple of socks with baby powder. From there, you can tie them off and use them to gently wipe away any pesky sand residue. This two-in-one solution eliminates the need for an extra towel, cloth, or even that paintbrush we mentioned. You can bid those days of sand-crusted tootsies goodbye with this beloved trick, and spare your favorite beach sandals from extra dirt as well.