This Tropical Country Is The Affordable Vacation Destination You'll Adore

No matter the time of year, people are sure to feel envious when they see a coworker's Instagram post showcasing their most recent trip to a tropical island. While money can be tight for some travelers, thus dampening the inspiration to plan a trip of their own, the good news is there are affordable, less crowded destinations that are just as magnificent and welcoming as the popular choices. One such island comes to mind: Mauritius. While this might sound like an exotic choice, the cost of visiting this east African paradise is surprisingly affordable, per


For comparison, a week vacation to Aruba is roughly $4,548 as estimated by, whereas a trip to Mauritius for two people can cost thousands less if you plan carefully. The average cost for accommodations, transportation on the island, and meals for a week in Mauritius is roughly $1,050-2,800 for one week with one adult. This would be slightly more for two people, though most of the weekly costs, such as rooms and travel can cover two adults. While plane tickets are roughly $1,800 each, choosing where to stay can keep the overall cost low. For instance, on a per night basis, hostels are $10-15, guesthouses are around $25, and hotels can be anywhere from $100 to $1,000. And while a flight to Aruba costs approximately $300 on average, the same overall vacation applied to Aruba would be $4,214.


It's simply all about the details.

Have the experience of a lifetime on a budget

Shades of deep jade and turquoise fading into a vivid aquamarine sea surrounding the island is an incredibly beautiful sight. The electric blue, crystal-clear water isn't the only thing worth mentioning about coral-reef-framed Mauritius. The island is brimming with natural beauty in the form of waterfalls, mountains, beaches that rival some of the best on the planet, and the largest atoll in the world, all packed tightly into 775 square miles. By making a detailed itinerary for Mauritius, you'll be able to plan a low-stress perfect tropical vacation, straight out of a fantasy novel.


There are many snorkeling and diving tours available for around $100. The beaches are all free but there is a small fee to rent paddle boards and scuba gear. It's even possible to swim or snorkle with sea turtles while at Mont Choisy Beach for as little as $96. Tripadvisor has many recommendations for ways to enjoy the majestic island and its beaches. Just a few of the possible activities or tours include hiring a photographer to capture your memories for $50 per hour, experiencing the thrill of a whale watching tour from as little as $64 per person, embarking on a water wonderland cruise for the day on a catamaran, horseback riding on the beach in East Mauritius, or checking out the Les 7 Cascades. 


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Some other places worth exploring

Mauritius has as many natural wonders on land as in the water. There are several low cost, multi-stop tours to choose from including one that take visitors to the breathtaking Chamarel Waterfalls cascading down 328 feet. Next stop takes you to the Chamarel Seven Colored Earth Geopark, where the best time to visit is in the morning as the light engulfs the beautifully colored formations. To get into the park, it's $12 or you can choose to go on a tour that includes the Geopark starting at $66 on up to over $200. Beyond that is the Trou aux Cerf volcano, which will leave visitors speechless. Then, take a moment to reflect by the sacred Hindu Ganga Talao or Grand Bassin Crater Lake. It's imperative that you spend some time in the Black River Gorges National Park, feeling awestruck as you gaze down the Gorges Viewpoint and out over millions of years of intricately carved rock formations.


The island of Mauritius is a phenomenal spot for an affordable getaway. Since it's less popular than other island destinations, that means far fewer people. It's a one of a kind experience that you can easily do alone, though we do suggest taking advantage of at least one of the many inexpensive tours or photo sessions because it'll make the journey even more memorable.