This Easy Fanny Pack Hack Protects You From Pickpocketers

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When traveling to and walking around a major city in your area, pickpocketing is always a danger. You do your best to keep everything you have secure, but a thief can still walk away with your money, credit cards, phone, passport, and other personal items. In New York City alone, over 2,200 people were pickpocketed in 2023. It can happen anywhere, but a pickpocket is more likely to get your items when you're distracted, in crowds, talking to friends, at street performances, and while you're marveling at a tourist attraction. 


Many people have turned to versatile fanny packs to keep their items right in front of them at all times. However, if you have something bucked behind you, a person with ill intent can unbuckle it just as easily and slip away into the crowd. One genius tip from Tik Tok user @myboyrudder can help prevent someone taking your fanny pack items with one simple item: A zip tie. 

You wouldn't think such a simple item could keep you from spending a bit of time in a police station or losing your money and passport, and it's also very inexpensive. We found a pack of 200 8-inch zip ties on Amazon for around $6, which gives you plenty of protection. There is more you can do, however. We'll explain the hack, other precautions you can take, and what to do before you leave for your trip in the first place. 


How the hack works and more anti-pickpocketing tips

In the video, we learn how to slip the zip tie through one side of the buckle next to the adjustable strap, around the buckle, and back through the other side. Cut the excess and voila! No one is taking that off of you and running away with it. Just remember that you'll need something like strong scissors to break the zip tie when you get back to your hotel or rental.


Pickpockets are looking for the easiest targets and if that buckle doesn't come undone, they're likely going to move on. That said, if someone is determined, they can slash the belt. However, you can pick up an anti-theft fanny pack like this Travelon style on Amazon for $36 with slash-resistant mesh in the body and strap, RFID blocking so your credit cards can't be scanned, and locking straps and compartments. 

In addition, our advice is to keep a hand on your bag all the time if you can. Make sure what you're holding zips up or locks rather than having an open bag. Don't leave items unattended, and if something distracting is happening like a performance or a fight, watch your things all the more. Finally, store important documents and papers online so they can be retrieved in an emergency. It is even wise to consider the clothes you're wearing, as travel expert Samantha Brown believes that plays a big role as well.