The Common Activity That Becomes A Bannable Offense While On A Cruise Ship

In general, cruises are supposed to be a way for travelers to have a relaxing vacation, and while there are some easy to make mistakes that annoy your fellow cruise mates, most of the things you enjoy are probably on the table. However, there's one hobby that will not only get you in trouble with the people around you, but it might even get you banned by a lot of cruise lines: Fishing. While you are on a boat in the middle of the ocean, the truth is that it is unacceptable to try to catch your own dinner over the side of a cruise ship.


As absurd as it might seem to cast a fishing line off your fancy balcony, that's exactly what a pair of passengers did on a Carnival cruise in 2023. In a video they posted on TikTok, they pulled a fish all the way up from the sea, with the marine creature swinging dangerously close to other peoples' balconies. Their video circulated wildly, and ultimately they both received lifetime bans from Carnival Cruise Line.

Fishing is strictly prohibited on cruises

In a statement to WDBO, a representative from Carnival Cruise Line confirmed: "Fishing from our ships is prohibited. We have identified the guests, and they will not be cruising on Carnival again."

It doesn't matter whether or not you choose an interior cabin or have your own port hole or balcony — you can't fish off the side. Officially, you are allowed to bring your fishing gear on a Carnival Cruise Line ship so that you can fish at the ports, but as the unfortunate banned couple found out, it's expressly forbidden to use them while you're onboard. Not only is it potentially illegal (when the couple who was banned fished in the Bahamas they were technically also breaking local laws by fishing without a permit) and has the potential to harm the local ecosystem, it's theoretically dangerous. The last thing that anyone wants is to get hit with a dead fish, or worse, a fish hook, while trying to relax on their balcony.


Other offenses that can get you banned by cruise lines

Most cruise ship passengers are banned for more ordinary or expected behaviors than fishing, like drinking too much or getting into fights, but there are some other, more unusual acts that can land you with a lifetime ban. In 2019, a passenger on a Royal Caribbean cruise perched on the ship's railing for the perfect picture. Numerous passengers have also been banned for actually jumping off the side of the ship intentionally. Like the couple banned for fishing, one infamous 2019 group was also banned after they posted a video of their stunt — leaping from an 11th floor balcony into the sea — on social media.


While you're planning your dream cruise vacation, it's also important to keep track of what you're allowed to use onboard, what you're allowed to bring but not use while you're on the cruise (like a fishing rod), and what you're not allowed to bring at all. In 2023, a passenger received a lifetime ban from Carnival Cruise Line for bringing legally acquired CBD gummies on board, something she apparently didn't realize was against regulations.