Get Off The Beaten Path To Bask In One Of The Most Picturesque Beaches In The Caribbean

The Bahamas are the islands that vacation dreams are made of. Epic stretches of sand, endless water activities, and plenty of delicious restaurant options make this archipelago the place to go for all types of fun in the sun. Whether you took a flight in order to explore the most popular snorkeling spots in the Bahamas or seek out the Caribbean's many unique experiences, the Bahamas have it all. But when you're ready to take a break from the crowds and the tourist vibe, head up to Coco Plum Beach on the island of Great Exuma for a serene change of pace.


You may have seen images of this picturesque delight, even if you didn't know what you were looking at at the time. With its seemingly endless stretches of soft white sand and shallow water reflecting a quintessential Bahamian vibe, it's a postcard-worthy site. Coco Plum Beach offers the perfect day trip when you want breathtaking views. Due to its remote location, you won't find yourself fighting for space on the sand either.

How to get to and enjoy Coco Plum Beach

By car, Coco Plum Beach sits about 40 minutes north of George Town, between the towns of Steventon and Rolleville. Once you turn off the Queen's Highway, the route turns into a rough, uneven road. Note that Coco Plum Beach does not offer facilities, so there are no restrooms, showers, or shelters. There are also no restaurants or stores, so bring your own food and drinks. Alternatively, you can access the beach from the water as part of a tour.


Once there, you can walk up and down the beach and explore the sandbars exposed in the shallow water. At low tide, you can walk in the ocean for miles, finding starfish, conch shells, and sand dollars along the way. When the water is low, you can even walk to the surrounding uninhabited strips of land nearby. Of course, this is a beach, so all the associated activities apply. Pass a frisbee, read a book, snorkel, play a game of bocce ball, or fly a kite. How you spend the day is up to you.

Other activities on and near Exuma

If you've heard of Exuma, it's likely because of its famous pigs. They actually live out on the uninhabited island of Big Major Cay, but with a tour or via water taxi, you'll find them happy to greet you as you arrive. A bit further north off the island of New Providence, divers enjoy exploring the underwater art attraction named Ocean Atlas, which represents the heavy weight of the burden our oceans face due to climate change and human behavior.


If you enjoy a scenic round of golf, you're in luck — Exuma has a course designed by golf icon Greg Norman. It's at the Sandals Emerald Bay Resort, only about 15 minutes south of Coco Plum Beach. A fun way to enjoy some forced relaxation is to grab a water taxi over to the Chat 'N' Chill Beach Bar & Grill on Stocking Island, just off the coast of George Town. This is a hangout spot where you can enjoy freshly made ceviche and feed the stingrays.

Additionally, there are plenty of other beaches on the island. Consider Tropic of Cancer Beach, Pretty Molly Beach, and Forbes Hill Beach, all on the connected Little Exuma Island, as well as the somewhat hidden Hooper's Bay (ask a local) just north of George Town. While every stop has much to offer, basking the day away at Coco Plum Beach just might be the picturesque highlight of your trip.