3 Travel Subscription Boxes to Try

June 4, 2016

Bring exotic destinations right to your doorstep with these travel-themed subscription boxes.

Travel Subscription Boxes: Snakku
Snakku Jon Whittle

The Tokyo-born founder of this service used to bring treats home to NYC whenever he traveled to Japan. The popularity of the snacks inspired him to create Snakku. The monthly box delivers found-only-in-Japan goodies like Kyoto senbei, or rice crackers.

Travel Subscription Boxes: Try The World
Try the World Jon Whittle

Curated by chefs, this box includes gourmet delicacies from a new locale each month (think red-curry sauce from Thailand or Nordic fudge from Sweden). A brochure explains how to enjoy the box’s contents, and anything can be reordered from the website.

Travel Subscription Boxes: Kitchen Table Passport
Kitchen Table Passport Jon Whittle

Experiment with cooking global cuisine while learning about new locales. In each box: a recipe card outlining a dish from the destination (such as pho from Vietnam), a packet of local spices to add authentic flavor, discovery cards about the country and a few fun souvenirs.


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