5 Beaches You Won’t Have to Share with Pokemon Players

Most Remote Island Beaches

July 12, 2016

Looking to avoid the Pokemon craze? Get off the map and away from the crowds with these remote island beaches where the only thing you’ll be catching is sweet solitude.

Low Bay Barbuda | Remote Caribbean Beaches
Low Bay, Barbuda You’ll have this 17-mile-long pink-sand refuge to yourself — it’s home to just a single property, Lighthouse Bay Resort. Shutterstock
The Baths | Remote Caribbean Beaches
The Baths, BVI The only thing that crowds this beach are the huge rocks the provide welcoming shade and cool snorkeling nooks. Shutterstock
Koekohe Beach, South Island, New Zealand
Koekohe Beach, South Island, New Zealand Spherical boulders take the place of Pokeballs on this otherworldly beach. Grab your camera and get here at dawn or dusk for solitude and a snapshot. Shutterstock
Exumas Bahamas Most Remote Beaches
Exumas, Bahamas The Exumas compare favorably with the Maldives, except this part of the Bahamas is a heckuva lot closer. There’s no Pokemon on these empty sandbars, but you might find a few swimming pigs. Shutterstock
Little Bay | Most Remote Caribbean Beaches
Little Bay, Anguilla A beach that offers adrenaline-fueled access: Climb down the cliff via a questionably sturdy rope. A more sensible option is to take the boat that leaves from Crocus Bay. Zach Stovall

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