5 Best Islands To Live On For Starting Over

If you want a fresh start or a new life in retirement, consider these ISLANDS magazine editors' picks including New Zealand and more from the Best Islands to Live On rankings.

Itamaracá, Brazil "We have two seasons, summer and summer with a bit of rain," says resident Peter Zorab. Coconuts, mangoes and fruits you've never heard of grow wild near the reef-calmed ocean. meal at a "kilo restaurant": $6. Fixer-upper on the beach: $95,000. Return to Main Page | Thinkstock
Réunion Island Americans are rarer here than perfect, white-sand beaches; islanders may ask, "Do you know 50 Cent?" Try roasted hedgehog at any roadside camion. Mortar and pestle made from local lava to grind spices so hot you'll forget you're eating hedgehog: $55. Return to Main Page | Thinkstock
Hvar, Croatia Which comes first, espresso in the morning at the Café Pjaca on the square or shots of rakija by night at Caroe Diem on the wharf? Believe it or not, this is one of the Adriatic's laid-back islands. One-hour ferry to picturesque Split with all Europe beyond: $4. Return to Main Page | Thinkstock
Corn Islands Turn 45; show $450 monthly income; retire to Nicaragua's English-speaking islands, with low-cost housing and a castaway vibe. "This is the magical place we call home," says Garry Lesesne. Day-trip to volcanoes, cloud forests, ancient cultures. Big lobster dinner: $12. Return to Main Page | Thinkstock