5 Best Islands For Simplifying Your Life

It's time to chuck it all. The career pressure. The high rent. The city streets. With the baggage lightened, here's where you might wind up.

Best Islands to Live On For Simplifying Your Life | Ko Chang Thailand
The expat population is growing, partly because it's affordable and mostly because it's beautiful. iamkohchang.com | Istock
Best Islands for Simplifying Your Life: Ireland | Best Islands to Live ON
The government is pushing tourism, which seems to be working. Needed: chefs, tour guides and golf-course attendants. Payoff: low rent, rolling hills, Guinness. discoverireland.com
Best Islands to Live on For Simpifying you
Teaching English is in demand, and is free of red tape. Search for jobs at tealit.com.
Best Islands for Simplifying Your Life: New Zealand | Best Islands to Live ON
Work permits in Auckland lead to cheap rent, plus employment ops in yoga, food and wine. See how one couple made the move.