5 Islands That Are Super Easy To Move To

Editor's Note: Some of the information below may be out-of-date. The U.S. Virgin Islands were heavily impacted by Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria. Please visit caribbeantravelupdate.com or the specific hotel's website for updates.


Friendly locals and no language barriers turn the island dream into a reality.

Islands Easy to Move to | Bainbridge Island
Bainbridge Island, WA A 35-minute ferry ride from cosmopolitan Seattle, this woodsy island with its quaint waterfront "downtown" is as convenient as a world apart gets. Good schools and no culture shock make integrating into life here easy too, but seeing a doctor on a weekend is not guaranteed. Big-city attractions and services lie close at hand along with the natural wonders of the Olympic Peninsula for nearly infinite outdoor pursuits — fishing, sailing, kayaking, hiking, cycling. Island fever (aka boredom) will never be a problem. | Shutterstock
Islands Easy to Move to | Hawaii Big Island
Hawaii, the Big Island Another U.S. state — it's hard to argue with that advantage for U.S. residents — but this one is tropical. And the Big Island has hugely varied terrain, including active volcanos and garden- like native forests that support homegrown produce (mostly organic). This melting-pot culture draws influences from Polynesia, Asia, the Americas and all over the world, and numerous small communities provide a range of living options as well as day- trip destinations. For a warm island in the middle of the Pacific, it doesn't get simpler or easier than this. | Shutterstock
Islands Easy to Move to | St. Thomas USVI
St. Thomas, USVI Choosing a territory with the same immigration and currency advantages of a U.S. state is a painless way to enter a distinctly Caribbean culture. The sunny weather doesn't hurt either. Here your boat might mean more to you than your car. Of course, as on other Caribbean islands, things pace themselves slowly — the U.S. Virgin Islands celebrate all official U.S. holidays plus a few extra ones — but they have enough of home (including Home Depot) to facilitate getting started. So get started. | Shutterstock
Tasmania, Australia
Tasmania, Australia An easy move isn't just about proximity and visa requirements. Culture matters too — the language, the food, people's attitudes. Australian culture, though distinctive, meshes well with American sensibilities. (The cool-temperate climate with distinct seasons also resembles much of the United States.) Hobart has small-city advantages like few traffic jams and lower housing costs than bigger Australian cities, but also good cultural opportunities — libraries, theaters, galleries. And the "Tassies" are known for being low-key and friendly. | Shutterstock