5 Private Dinners To Add To Your Bucket List

These five dining experiences combine privacy and first-rate cuisine for a meal you'll never forget.

Best Private romantic dinner experiences | Casa Bonita Dominican Republic
Casa Bonita, Dominican Republic Dine on local, fresh-caught fish as day slips into evening. | Courtesy of Casa Bonita
Best Private romantic dinner experiences | Baros Maldives
Baros Maldives Enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner on a piano-shaped deck just off the coast of the resort. | Courtesy of Baros Maldives
Best Private romantic dinner experiences | Jetwing Lighthouse Hotel, Sri Lanka*
Jetwing Lighthouse Hotel, Sri Lanka Spectacular sunsets and privacy are the hallmarks of the resort's Rock Dining. | Courtesy Jetwing Lighthouse Hotel
Best Private Romantic Dinner Experiences | Zanzibar Serena Inn
Zanzibar Serena Inn Enjoy a private picnic on the beach featuring freshly caught seafood and exotic spices. | Courtesy Zanzibar Serena Inn