5 Reasons To Take A Family Getaway To The USVI

Keep the gang happy with beautiful beaches, hiking trails and, yes, an iceberg. Here are five reasons to plan a family vacation to the U.S. Virgin Islands.

2. Kid-friendly parties They're going to ask why that man is on stilts. That man is a mocko jumbie, sporting a mask and colorful attire to scare spirits away. Every Wednesday night, Bolongo Bay Beach Resort on St. Thomas hosts Carnival with steel pan music, a firewalker and mocko jumbies. Since it's on site, you'll make it home for bedtime.
www.bolongobay.com | Bolongo Bay
3. Locals with fins Coral World on St. Thomas gives kids the chance to get close to aquatic life such as sharks, turtles and sea lions. They can also learn to identify what they'll see on local reefs, such as butterflyfish, trunkfish and green moray eels. | Shutterstock
4. Jungle tracks Two-thirds of St. John is a protected national park with 34 hiking trails. Find trail maps online for free. The elevation changes are never very high, so the paths are doable for kids — especially if you pick routes that end at a snorkel spot (most do!). | Shutterstock
5. Floating playland It looks like an iceberg: The Westin St. John Resort has a two-story inflatable climbing mountain in the sea alongside a floating trampoline. Try to keep the kids off. The best part is they stay within view while Mom and Dad enjoy the beach and a beverage. Young ones too small to swim can participate in the kids club, designed for ages three to 12. | Westin St. John Resort