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6 Activities to Explore in the Cook Islands

Escaping to paradise is closer than you think with a trip to the Cook Islands.

Located in the heart of Polynesia, the Cooks are made up of 15 islands that exude rustic charm, breathtaking beauty and plenty of activities. Here are the top 6 things to do!

1. Relax in our Aquatic Playground
Enjoy warm tropical temperatures, crystal clear waters, and an abundance of marine life just below the surface of azure blue lagoons. In our little paradise, the beach is wherever you are. Be as active or relaxed as you like in our aquatic playground. Try kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, kitesurfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, sea scootering or banana boat ride.

The Cook Islands
Relax in our Aquatic PlaygroundCourtesy of the Cook Islands Tourism

2. Go on an inland Adventure
The spectacular natural beauty of the Cook Islands is more than simply stunning beaches. From tropical jungle to mountain peaks to manicured gardens with cafés, exploring our jungle interior is easy. Adventure seekers will love getting off the beaten track with a variety of inland adventure tours: from buggies, quad bikes, to guided mountain bike treks through challenging terrain, or simply exploring at your own speed. For hikers, a must do is the 'Cross Island' trek on Rarotonga, either self-guided or with traditional medicine man 'Pa', visitors will be taught about local medicinal plants, flora and fauna along the way.

The Cook Islands
Go on an Inland AdventureCourtesy of the Cook Islands Tourism

3. Experience the authentic Polynesian Culture
Be enchanted with 'Island Night' cultural shows: groups dancing with fire to fast rhythms, beaten out on wooden drums. Head to the vibrant Punanga Nui markets for music, dance, authentic local cuisine and local crafts like stunning Tivaevae (colorful quilts,) or hand-made ukuleles.

The Cook Islands
Experience the authentic Polynesian CultureCourtesy of the Cook Islands Tourism

4. Party with the Locals
When the sun goes down, the party heats up! We boast the best nightlife of all the islands in the South Pacific. Chat with friendly locals in open-air bars, located right on the beach with cool island vibes and spectacular vistas. Grab a drink and enjoy the show, whether local live music or a stunning sunset over the water. When you want to go big, head to one of our nightclubs, or join a pub crawl tour where the bus to the party is the party!

The Cook Islands
Party with the LocalsCourtesy of the Cook Islands Tourism

5. Enjoy the best cuisine in the Pacific
Love fresh food? We're not called The Cook Islands for nothing! Whatever you feel like, the choice of dining options is vast and varied in our little island nation. In fact, visitors can easily dine in a different location for every meal of their stay. Buffet meals feature favorite local dishes like ika mata (marinated raw fish) and umu kai cooked in a traditional earth oven. A perfect meal can be beach fish and chips, street stall dishes at the night market, or fine restaurant dining.

The Cook Islands
Enjoy the best cuisine in the PacificCourtesy of the Cook Islands Tourism

6. Put your wellness first
Why not indulge in a spa treatment at one of the many spas around the island? Massage, body wraps and scrubs, facials and beachside treatments are just some of the many indulgences we offer. Early morning yoga classes are led by qualified, local instructors in lush settings with stunning vistas. A bucket-list experience is a SUP paddleboard yoga session on the crystal blue waters of our lagoon.

The Cook Islands
Early morning yoga classesCourtesy of the Cook Islands Tourism

Visit the Cook Islands' website to learn more.