6 Spectacular Hawaiian Road Trips

Even if you think you've seen Hawaii, you've never seen it like this. Based on ISLANDS extensive travels across the Hawaiian Islands, we've created these special road trips that uncover authentic places the typical tourist passes right by. Follow these routes to find nearly 100 terrific stops on your new Hawaiian journey.

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Big Island
Get deep into the world of lava on the Big Island's east coast. On the way to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, experience the impact, diversity and evolution of Kilauea. This drive will take you from sea level in Hilo, past lush Keaau, along the dramatic easternmost shoreline and finally to 3,850 feet atop Kilauea — which has been spewing lava since erupting in 1983... read more

The air on Lanai may be slightly less sweet than it was when the island grew 90 percent of the world's pineapples. But the charm of its residents in their plantation-style cottages, the solitude of its beaches and the diversity of its highland forests make for an idyllic (and tangy) day on the road... read more

Once the training ground for Hawaiian spiritual leaders as well as the home of hula, exiled law breakers and those with incurable afflictions, Molokai is now a road tripper's delight. From pines that buttress the world's tallest sea cliffs to coconut-palmed beaches, you can find a bit of everything. You'll feel like the sole visitor on this island with no traffic lights, few stop signs and locals who encourage you: "Slow down, you're on Molokai." ... read more

This is windswept, forgotten Maui. Named after the island's last ruling chief, Kahekili Highway/Route 340 follows an ancient Hawaiian footpath winding in and out of valleys, through steep ravines, and above crashing surf and a jagged lava coastline. The middle section of this 28-mile stretch of road undulates and narrows to one lane with blind, hairpin curves and few guardrails. It's not for the faint of heart — or some rental car agreements... read more

From Hawaii Kai to Kailua on Kalanainaole Highway/Route 72 are about 15 magnificent miles studded with volcanic craters, chomped by crashing surf, crossed by ancient lava flows and blessed with unpeopled beaches. This small stretch of road can — and should — cost you a whole day. Count it as an investment in glory... read more

The drive from Kapaa to Kee Beach brings a change in the air and light. Time seems to move slower on the flatlands of north Kauai. The sense of driving back in time to a simpler way of life is as palpable as the scent of ginger in the summer. This scenic drive wends through a dense rainforest along the coastline and spans eight one-lane bridges, passing other world-renowned beaches such as Lumahai and much more... read more