7 Villas in Barbados Worth a Stay

May 6, 2015

These aren’t your typical villas. Find your perfect home away from home in Barbados.

Westhaven The perfect home base for not missing a second of beach time, this four-bedroom villa is a family fave — and for good reason. It’s big enough to ensure quiet time isn’t interrupted by playtime, but small enough to keep track of your entire crew. Perhaps the best thing is the direct access to the calm waters of Gibbs Beach. Just three steps separate the sand from your own private pool, which means less time hauling beach toys and more time using them. Our only complaint — the upstairs kid’s bedroom has the best views. Perhaps they wouldn’t mind trading for a night. Sleeps 8, from $1,995 per night Blue Sky Villas
Queens Fort 10 There’s no use trying to be tidy; my housekeepers have already attended to my every need. When I notice half of my clothes have gone missing, I immediately place the blame on my traveling companions. But a glance into my closet marks their innocence (and my embarrassment). All my clothes have been washed, freshly pressed and hung neatly in a row — color-coordinated, of course. When I mention a desire for an afternoon snack, mini sandwiches and a full table of tea magically appear beside my pool chair. Then I notice fresh flowers in the bathroom every morning. Yoga set up in the yard just for me. The exact ratio of cream in my coffee. The staff here makes me feel genuinely cared for. I’m spoiled — and ready to relax. Sleeps 10, from $825 per night Blue Sky Villas
Greensleeves Forget a villa. At Greensleeves, you can have an entire Asian-inspired resort to yourself and 29 of your closest friends. Japanese water gardens flow throughout the entire open-plan villa, and each teak bridge leads to a full suite with an open deck. Not to mention there’s the two swimming pools on-site (complete with your own swim-up bar), an entire children’s wing with a playground, an on-site tennis court and a master bedroom that would more appropriately be called a master apartment. And the best part? You’re right on the beach. Sleeps 30, from $7,500 per night Blue Sky Villas
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Pink Cottage Despite the Olympic-size lap pool, I was hard-pressed to leave this villa’s ridiculously soothing bathroom. (And yes, all four bedrooms have equal bathroom bragging rights.) After a long soak in the tub, I had the choice between not one, but two bathrobes (crisp starched linen or a super-soft terry) to wrap up in before continuing my “spa day” lounging in the overstuffed chaise that overlooks the lagoon and coconut grove. After all, I’ve got a lot to think about: mainly my newly inspired, all-white bathroom renovations for home … and which robe to pick for tomorrow. Sleeps 8, from $2,300 per night Blue Sky Villas
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Tom Tom The sleek infinity pool is the centerpiece of this villa, but should you want a more private dip, alfresco stone bathtubs in their own walled-in garden should do the trick. The modern vibe continues in a hidden media room (the sliding door blends right into the wall), where all the latest gadgets are at your fingertips. Sleeps 10, from $1,450 per night Blue Sky Villas
Fustic House This romantic villa exudes French vibes. Colonial antiques and outdoor terraces make for dreamy sitting areas, and the 11-acre property has plenty of room to roam. Garden lovers will rejoice at the landscaping, and Fustic House’s many “secrets” and seamless indoor to outdoor transitions make it one of the most unusual properties in Barbados. The pool is tucked deep within the landscaping, cleverly designed to look like a natural lagoon. Steps away, the pool deck towers over the ravine and into the trees, just like a treehouse. Sleeps 14, from $3,750 per night Blue Sky Villas
Leamington Pavilion Amid all the beach-themed villas, Leamington Pavilion stands out with its sophisticated vintage charm. I had to pause going through each room because artwork, family photographs, statues and carefully collected treasures fill each nook and cranny. It’s quaint enough to feel like I’m home at my grandmother’s house, but a step outside reminds me that I’m not. Two acres of lush gardens — complete with whimsical gazebos painted in trademark ‘Messel Green’ and a trellised sitting area that would have perfectly fulfilled my childhood tearoom dreams — surround the pool, and just steps away lies the gate to a perfectly empty beach. Sleeps 8, from $1,398 per night Blue Sky Villas

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