Airplane Renovations Worth Switching Seats For

The Cozy Suite design from Thompson Aero Seating.Courtesy of Thompson Aero

Attention, late-booking fliers! Thanks to Northern Ireland seating manufacturer Thomas Aero Seating, the dreaded middle seat on an airplane is getting an upgrade. With a reputation of initiating awkward contact with your neighbor and severely lacking personal space, the middle seat has been reimagined with the new Cozy Suite design.

Rounded headrests on each side of the chair and a retractable seat are just two of the adjustments that have turned the middle seat into a tolerable spot on your flight. Cue the new hardback seat, and you’ve got an impact-free zone, so just keep kicking, kid.

Multitaskers can rest easy too — the design also includes updates to the tray tables (aka your workspace), giving the option of a full tray table or half.

The middle-seat transformation benefits the airlines too, as it allows for additional seats in the cabin of the plane.

It’s official: The middle is the new window.