All Alone (Nearly) At Petit St. Vincent

It takes almost a full day to reach this place. This long trek to the tiny island of Petit St. Vincent guarantees I'll be secluded among the tiny isles near the Tobago Cays. I arrive to my stone villa perched on a hill overlooking the beach.

Yeah, there are other villas around here, probably with other guests, though I can't be sure. They wouldn't know I'm here, and vice versa. I'm not even sure if the staff knows I'm here, until I find a little yellow flag next to a note box.

When I raise the flag, someone arrives by Mini Moke to take my request. A little while later a tray with conch and mussels tosses with pappardelle and herb pesto arrives on the same funny-loving buggy.

It's as close to having a genie as I'll ever experience.