Amazing Animal Adventures

From witnessing the red crab march across Christmas Island to spotting a rare Kermode bear in British Columbia—explore these 5 islands and their local habitat.
By Jad Davenport

Stalk the Spirit Bears

Rarer than giant pandas, Kermode bears emerge from British Columbia's Great Bear Rainforest for a few days in September to gorge on spawning salmon. Local Gitga'at guides maximize your chances of seeing one. Return to Main Page | Jad Davenport

Dive with Dugongs

Although native to much of Southeast Asia, these endangered 9-foot "sea cows" are rarely seen. But you can snorkel with them at Dimakya Island in the Philippines, where 22 dugongs graze sea grass offshore. Return to Main Page | Courtesy of Dugong Dive Center

Witness a Crab Orgy

On a day from October to December known only to them, more than 120 million sex-starved red crabs march across Australia's Christmas Island on a month-long mating migration so grand that it closes roads. Return to Main Page

Pet the Devil

Tasmania's namesake nocturnal demon is hardly ever spotted in the wild, but at the island's only zoo a daily "Devil Interpretation" lets you pet a Tasmanian devil. They're puppy soft but make wicked little snarls. Return to Main Page | Courtesy of Tasmania Zoo
Save the Lemurs

Trek in Perinet Reserve, Madagascar, and you'll hear the haunting cries of these primates before you spot them. They're endangered, and your tourist bucks help prevent illegal rosewood loggers from ruining their habitat. Return to Main Page | Courtesy of Wild Madagascar