Antigua 2008

December 14, 2009

ISLANDS editor Matthew Miller stayed at the Hermitage Bay Resort on Antigua.

Antigua Beach
Antigua has hundreds of beautiful beaches. This is one of them.
Betty's Hope Windmills
Two windmills, one restored to functionality (but shown here without its blades), accent the historical plantation at Betty’s Hope, Antigua. The impressive machinery of Antigua’s sugar industry ground to a halt in the 1970s.
Devil's Bridge
On Antigua’s east coast, this rock formation creates a spectacular water show when incoming waves shoot up through the hole.
Hell's Gate
This rock formation in Antigua’s north sound area looks more like Africa than Hell. Get here on Eli Fuller’s Eco Tour:
Hermitage Bay for Two
Hermitage Bay resort sets up tables on the beach for dinner sunset.
Lobster Boat
Lobster divers in Antigua show off their quarry. Catch, cook, eat.
Pillars of Hercules
Rock formation sits outside English Harbour, Antigua.
Hawksbill Rock
Well-known seamark of Antigua, Hawksbill Rock sits off the island’s Caribbean coast.
Sunset Man
A man chants down the sun at Jolly Beach, Antigua.
Sail Loft, Nelson's Dockyard, Antigua
The foundations of the sail loft at Nelson’s Dockyard, where the sails of British ships were created and repaired.
Shops at Long Bay Beach, Antigua
Colorful shops line popular Long Bay Beach on Antigua’s east coast.
Lionel Richie on Antigua
Lionel Richie performs in the 2008 Romantic Rhythms Music Festival in Antigua.
11 Mile Beach, Barbuda

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