Caitlyn Knuth

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New York University, The American University Of Paris
European Travel Destinations, Hotel And Vacation Rental Logistics, Health And Wellness On The Road
  • Caitlyn studied under CNN's senior international correspondent, Jim Bitterman.
  • She has been writing, studying, and working between the U.S. and Europe since 2006.
  • Her background as an International Tour Consultant lends itself well to sharing travel insight and destination highlights with those looking to enjoy adventures of their own.


Caitlyn has been writing professionally since 2012 after spending several years studying and working in Paris, France. She has written for The International Herald Tribune, Travel Pleasing, JustLuxe, and guide2travel. Professional roles in travel planning, international education, and second language learning have allowed her to share unique travel tips and experiences with others. She enjoys assignments that let her look further into how health and wellness can be infused into treks across the globe.


Caitlyn earned bachelor's and master's degrees from The American University of Paris in 2008 and 2011, respectively. Studying international communications, marketing, French, and journalism while living abroad provided her with a unique take on global education, work, and travel. These experiences lend themselves seamlessly to the professional writing she takes on today.

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