Lindsay Ray

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New York University, Central Washington University
Outdoor Adventures, Planning And Packing, Beach Vacations
  • Lindsay Ray is the senior lead editor for Islands.
  • The daughter of a fisherman, she grew up in the Pacific Northwest and spent her childhood camping, fishing, hiking, and road-tripping through the U.S.
  • Some of her favorite recent adventures include cruising to Mexico, swimming under Dunn's River Falls in Ocho Rios, and curling her toes in the sand in Pensacola, Puerto Vallarta, and Montego Bay.


Lindsay is a published writer and editor with over seven years of editorial experience overseeing, writing, and managing content for publication. Her first love in editorial was beauty and fashion, but it wasn't long before she tossed her mascara and heels in her travel luggage and shifted her focus to our gorgeous earth and all it has to offer. When she is not reading, writing, and editing content about unique locales and one-of-a-kind vacation destinations, Lindsay enjoys spending time with her family, exploring old cemeteries, attending Celtic festivals, and listening to true-crime podcasts. Before joining Islands, Lindsay previously dabbled in TV journalism, where she worked on the true-crime series "48 Hours" on CBS. Her storytelling spirit and passion for editorial led her to Static Media in 2022.


Lindsay has a bachelor's degree in professional and creative writing from Central Washington University and a master's in American Journalism from New York University. Her education has helped her develop and refine her editorial skills in all aspects of the industry. Whether she is creating fun and lighthearted pieces or dissecting hard-hitting investigations, her educational background has equipped her to excel in the field of journalism.

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