Bahamas Out Islands What Is Known For

Stay in the Abacos, also called, "Paradise by the Sea." It's the most popular vacation destination among the Out Islands. And whether you're looking for a relaxing beach vacation or an active water sports adventure, Abaco has something to offer every traveler.


Fish off Andros Island, among the best in the tropics. The largest Island in the Bahamas Out Islands, Andros is the bonefishing capital of the world. Enjoy the thrill of hooking bonefish in the clear, shallow waters, or, satisfy your fishing urge with an unforgettable day of deep-sea fishing in the Atlantic. On Bimini, you can search for big game such as sailfish, tuna and wahoo while bottom fishing or deep sea fishing.

Tour the Bimini nature trail to learn more about the island's animal and plant life. Try to spot a Bimini Boa, a non-venemous snake that exists only on this island.

Enjoy the beaches of Cat Island. The unfrequented, lush and perfect beaches and beautiful stretches of uncharted territory make Cat Island one of the most beautiful Bahamas Out Islands. With 60 miles of deserted pink and white sand beaches, Cat Island is any beach lover's dream getaway. Snorkelers and divers alike can appreciate the serene waters and unspoiled sites, not to mention the dolphins. On land, view the historic landmarks which include churches, The Old Hermitage and homes from the 19th century. Get a bird's eye view of the island from the Hawk's Nest or explore the caves at Columbus Point. Make sure to check out Orange Creek, the site of two blue holes.


Relax on Eleuthera. Free from busy city congestion, Eleuthera comes from the Greek word meaning "freedom." From the natural landscape to the slower-paced lifestyle, this serene island offers the perfect combination of relaxation and adventure. Relax on the beaches with sand in pink and white hues that compliment the turquoise and emerald waters. Visit historic landmarks, like the colonial villages and pineapple plantations. Make sure to see such spectacular sights as the Glass-Window Bridge and Preacher's cave.

Explore the Exumas. Head to the Starfish-Exuma Activity Center and rent a sea kayak, snorkel gear or a small sailboat. Or, take a guided eco tour along the nature trails. For divers, the Exumas are considered to be among the greatest dive sites in the world. From wrecks to reefs to blue holes, the scattered islands of Exuma offer ideal sites for diving enthusiasts. Observe the array of fish near the sloping walls or visit the Thunderball Grotto to catch a glimpse of rare sponges and tropical fish. For the diver looking for a thrill, head to the Amberjack Reef to see several different species of shark or marvel at the giant whale sharks that frequent the Whale Shark Reef. The Exumas host many boating competitions, making this group of 365 islands a perfect destination for devoted boaters from all over the world. Take a boating excursion to satisfy your need for adventure.


Immerse yourself in the clear, welcoming waters of Harbour Island. The outlying reefs provide safe swimming and snorkeling with relatively calm and shallow waters. Ride the waves on a Harbour Island surf vacation, or slip on your scuba gear to get a closer look at the marine life. The Current Cut Dive, one of the best dive sites in the world, is a fast-drift dive that moves divers 2/3 of a mile in about ten minutes.

Observe the plantation ruins, ancient caves, historic churches of Long Island. From the hidden cays to the annual regatta events and the modern marinas, Long Island is a vacation destination guaranteed to please every boater. Fisherman can head to the bonefish flats or grab a guide for a deep-sea fishing adventure.

Dive into the emerald and turquoise waters to explore coral and reef formations just off shore of Acklins, also called "Crooked Island." The quaint villages and historic landmarks offer insight into the island's past.